Merritt Centennials
Q101 is the Home of the Cents!

After the Centennials' AGM two things are clear: they're in better financial standing then they have been in several years, and they have a new program to help them pack the rink.

The Centennials are reporting a surplus due in large part to a program initiated by Aspen Planers. By receiving partial proceeds from timber salvage from the Pine Beetle problem, the Cents were able to add over 200,000 dollars to their revenue streams. Director of Hockey Operations, Brian Barrett, says, "We hadn't had an amount for quite a while, and then they got on the program again so we were very fortunate to be able to get a large amount of money out of that."

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The Centennials will have their Annual General Meeting tonight at the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena.

Topics on the agenda include: new player signings, the upcoming summer golf tournament, and electing a new board of governors.

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The Centennials are starting to prepare for next season.

The Merritt Centennials have added 3 players to the roster for the 2017-18 season: Brendan Schneider, Matthew Kopperud, and Jackson Munro.

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