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Halloween has finally arrived and kids throughout the City will be out in force this evening to collect their loot.

Before the kids head out to fill their pillowcases, Marlene Jones, the Community Policing Coordinator stopped by Q101 to discuss some Halloween safety tips, starting with the use of masks.

“The way people are thinking now is that maybe makeup is a better choice than a mask, and if you are wearing a mask, one with a larger eye hole so you can watch and see what’s going on around you,” said Jones.

Jones also hit on travelling in a bigger group, maybe taking an older sibling, and having an emergency phone number to call if they run into any problems.

“We recommend a light or reflective costume, but if you can’t do that, a flashlight and several people in a group with flashlights, you’re going to be seen after dark,” added Jones.

A few final tips were to not wear costumes that could be a tripping hazard by hanging down by your ankles, and for parents to check the candy at the end of the evening.

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bc legislature

A lot of noise has been made this week by the BC Liberals about some NDP legislation that they believe is hindering farmers and ranchers.

Earlier in the week, a group of farmers went to the legislature in Victoria in protest of Bill 15 and 52.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart joined Q101 to discuss the issues her party is hearing from the farmers and the response from the Government.

“We had somebody from our riding talking about what it means when government interferes and tells people where they can build, what they can build and how offensive it is when these are people who have farmed the land or ranched the land for a good long time,” said Tegart.

“We had people from all over the province here talking about the impact of this government's decisions on their ability to have sustainable ranching and farming on their property,” added Tegart.

She mentioned that question period this week has primarily been taken up by those conversations.

Along with building, the legislation also prevents some landowners from operating a secondary business.

“We’re hearing stories from people who have opened small cafes, small restaurants, cooking food from the farm to the table and getting shut down because that’s not an allowable use,” said Tegart.


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rcmp 1

A busy week for Merritt RCMP responding to break and enters has led to the arrest of a pair of Merritt residents.

On October 24, Merritt RCMP were called to a local tow yard where employees had caught two individuals in the middle of a break and enter,” began Staff Sgt. Lorne Wood. “Members attended and arrested a 31-year-old female and a 32-year-old male resident of Merritt. Both subjects are well known to local members.”

The female suspect was released pending a court date.

“The male suspect was held in custody for a court appearance this week with a charge of breaking and entering and possession of break-in instruments are being recommended,” added Wood.


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Church Cheque

(Photo L-R, Christina Miller, Pastor Mike Stone, Rev. Elaine Diggle)

On January 11, 2019, the Murray Church was burnt to the ground in an alleged case of arson. That same night, the Crossroads Community Church was also broken in to and set ablaze, however that fire was able to be quickly extinguished.

Yesterday Pastor Mike Stone from Crossroads went to Trinity United to present the Church with a cheque to help in their rebuild efforts.

“We just felt it was important as churches that we help out other churches in the valley. We wanted to present something and show that we are supporting Trinity as they work to rebuild the Murray United Church,” said Stone.

“It helps us feel that we aren’t just standing out at the end of a branch waiting from someone else to cut it off at the trunk. That because we have other friends in the churches as well as friends in the whole community that support what we’re doing, and to know that the support is there,” said Trinity Rev. Elaine Diggle.

Because of the age of the Murray Church, they couldn’t have insurance on the building, meaning the rebuild must be fully funded through donations.

The alleged arsonist’s court date has been set for June of 2020.


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city merritt council

The meeting was scheduled as a presentation to City Council about the current plans for the marketing and communications department. However, the evening quickly deteriorated into a conversation about staff qualifications, proper procedure and the idea of ‘time and place.’

Will George, Manager of Communications, was presenting to council the current plans for his department and looking for input on what direction to proceed. CAO Scott Hildebrand did note that the department was only created six weeks ago.

That’s when things began to heat up around the table as Coun. Mike Bhangu questioned George’s qualifications for heading the communications department. 

“Where did you gain the skills to put together an ad?” Asked Bhangu. “Because I’m looking at this ad compared to others and I believe that these other ads are much better. Our ad seems to be lacking.”

“He’s been hired by our CAO,” began Mayor Linda Brown. “If you have a question about the project itself, yes, but I think personal qualifications are not part of this table.”

The meeting did get back on track after that back and forth until it came to an abrupt end following a heated exchange between Bhangu, Kurt Christopherson and the Mayor.

“The purpose of this meeting is communications and marketing, the content of our marketing is vital,” said Bhangu. “I don’t understand why others are not concerned that there is content pushed out that might not be properly created.”

“I don’t know that it’s we aren’t concerned, I think there is a different venue available (to have this conversation),” said Brown.

Following an exchange from Bhangu and Christopherson, the Mayor put an end to the meeting, but not before apologies were issued from Coun. Travis Fehr, the Mayor, and CAO Hildebrand to Mr. George.

City Council will reconvene this evening at 6 pm for a committee of the whole focused on the budget.


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