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Fire map sept 7

Updated September 8 –

The BC Wildfire Service has provided an update on the wildfire currently burning south of Merritt.

BC Wildfire Service via twitter;

UPDATE: The Shovelnose Mountain Wildfire (K61721), ~30 kms S of #Merritt, is now classified as being held at 15 has. 34 #BCWildfire personnel remain on site working to extinguish hot spots within the fire perimeter. Cloud cover & precipitation continue to help suppression efforts.


Original post (September 7)

A wildfire just south of Merritt continues to burn this afternoon. The BC Wildfire Service tweeted the following, earlier today;

UPDATE: The Shovelnose Mountain fire (K61721), ~30 km S of #Merritt, is ~15 has & remains classified as out of control. 34 #BCWildfire personnel are on-site, supported by 2 helicopters. No

communities or infrastructure are currently threatened.

The blaze is one of seven fires currently burning in the area south of the City.

The cause of the blaze is still listed as unknown according to the BC Wildfire Service Database. 

More to come


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roger sloan

Every weekend Q101 will revisit the most talked-about stories of the week in Merritt and bring them to you all in one place. As well as my favourite story of the week.

This week Merritt was buzzing about the arrest of a violent offender, Chief Aaron Sumexheltza stepping aside, and Trans Mountain appeals from two local bands.

RCMP Arrest Sevim Zakuti on Multiple Charges including Sexual Assault

Merritt RCMP has released details on an investigation that has led to a laundry list of charges and the arrest of Sevim (AKA Sabastian) Zakuti.

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Chief Aaron Sumexheltza Stepping Aside

When the Lower Nicola Indian Band heads to the polls in early October, they will be tasked with electing a new Chief. That’s because Chief Aaron Sumexheltza has decided to step aside.

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Upper Nicola’s Trans Mountain Appeal Can Proceed

Six more legal challenges have been approved as Indigenous and environmental groups fight the planned expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline.

The Federal Court of Appeal ruled that six out of the 12 proposed challenges can proceed.

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Coldwater Band’s Trans Mountain Appeal Can Proceed

Of the six appeals that the Federal Court of Appeal allowed to proceed, two were from local Bands. The first was from the Upper Nicola Indian Band, the second is from the Coldwater.

Speaking with Coldwater Chief Lee Spahan, he mentioned the litigation being another option for his community.

Full Story

My favourite story this week was a conversation I had with Roger Sloan.

Catching up with Merritt’s own Roger Sloan

This past week, Merritt’s own PGA Tour Professional Roger Sloan returned to town following his best career year on Tour. Q101 had an opportunity to speak with Roger about his great year that just wrapped up and look ahead to his goals for next season.

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CPO Logo

Every month the Community Policing Office (CPO) in Merritt focuses on certain aspects of safety, and unsurprisingly as the calendar turns to September, the CPO is focusing on back to school safety.

CPO Coordinator Marlene Jones stopped by Q101 to discuss a few tips and tricks for students and their parents.

First and foremost, Jones began with drivers making sure they slow down and follow the rules of the road in school zones.

“Between eight and five there is a 30 km/h speed zone in the vicinity of school zones. Those are all signed so drivers should be aware of those,” said Jones.

She also mentioned that other communities have different times, so to be aware of your surroundings wherever you may be.

Something that parents and students can work on together is knowing the route they’ll take to walk or ride to and from school.

“We encourage parents to ensure that kids know the route, and maybe travelling with another student, not necessarily travelling alone,” said Jones. “Reminding them of the rules of the road, what to do at crosswalks, where you can ride your bike, where you should maybe be pushing your bike and wearing a helmet.”

Another point raised was not running out between parked cars.

For more information on back to school safety, visit the CPO building in Spirit Square.


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rcmp 1

The ongoing issue of theft from vehicles continues to plague the Merritt area.

The rash of thefts has led the local RCMP Detachment to once again remind residents to be mindful of locking doors and keeping valuables out of sight.

“Some of these theft investigations turn into fraud investigations when the thief utilizes the stolen debit/credit cards to make purchases and thereby stretching police resources even further,” wrote Cpl. Brock Hedrick.

Example of items being stolen includes purses, wallets, cells phones, passports, and other valuable items are being left in unlocked vehicles overnight.

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Elections BC

While the writ has not been officially dropped, it seems like everybody is already deep in campaign mode.

This weekend the candidates in Central Okanagan-Similkameen-Nicola will gather in Kelowna for the first all-candidates forum ahead of October’s vote.

The forum will be focused on the various issues facing seniors in our riding and across Canada. For Liberal Candidate Mary Ann Murphy, the issues are something she’s extremely familiar with. Murphy, a UBC Professor, has a deep history with the subject and took some time to speak with Q101 ahead of the event on Saturday.

“I’m certainly looking forward to educating everybody there about the broad impact of ageism,” began Murphy. “We want to talk about possible federal support for healthy active aging, for the connection between seniors and climate change, issues around homecare and the supply of medical professionals.”

Recently in Merritt, a group of seniors approached City Hall for assistance lobbying Interior Health to bring dialysis to Merritt. The wish to keep seniors in their hometowns was echoed by Murphy.

“We will be talking a lot about aging in place, and what kind of supports we need for age-friendly communities and to keep more people where they want to be, at home for as long as possible, in their own community,” said Murphy.

“The reason I’m so keen to see Canada take the next step on a senior strategy is that contained within that is a health and human resource strategy,” said Murphy. “With our aging population in this riding we have a lot to contribute but we need some support on occasion.”

Currently, there is no firm date for an all-candidates forum in Merritt.


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