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Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour tonight at 2:00 am.

It could be one of the last times that residents in BC will do the time change. The NDP Government has started the process of removing the seasonal time changes.

The possible changes come after a recent survey showed over 90% support for the measure.

While the legislation may be passed soon here, BC is not planning to make the switch without Washington State, Oregon, and California. The US States require Federal approval to do away with the time change.


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For months the BC Liberals have been raising concerns over ICBC and the recent changes at the province’s public insurer.

Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart joined Q101 to discuss the problems they’re seeing and hearing from constituents about the corporation.

“They are two years into their mandate and their person in charge of ICBC promised they would get things under control. What we see is executive compensation that has grown disproportionately,” said Tegart.

Attorney General David Eby has denied those findings by the opposition.

“If you have a young person in your household who is looking to learn how to drive to get to work to get to school, we are hearing nightmare stories where $1000 cars are costing $5000 to insure,” added Tegart.

While the next BC election isn’t scheduled until 2021, the ICBC issue is already setting up to be a key campaign topic.

“Andrew Wilkinson has certainly talked about looking at choice. When we look at how to provide affordable insurance across the province, I think we have a consensus that a monopoly is not the right way to go,” concluded Tegart.


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Jackie tegart 4

This week during question period at the BC Legislature, Fraser-Nicola MLA Jackie Tegart rose to question the Forest Minster about helping Merrittonians.

“Like many rural communities, communities in my riding have been hard hit by the forestry crisis. The last time I raised it in this house the Premier told me to stop whining,” said Tegart. “My question to the Minister is, have you picked up the phone and called Trans Mountain Pipeline to see if there is an opportunity for our local workers in Merritt to do the prep work?”

Tegart also questioned Minister Doug Donaldson about the currently suspended rural dividend grant.

“This Minister and this Government has ignored workers for months and families are paying the price. On September 16, the Forest Minister could apply to the dividend fund, the next day he cancelled the fund,” stated Tegart. “My workers don’t want to leave their homes and their communities and uproot their families. Will you restore the rural dividend fund so we can create local jobs?”

Donaldson did not directly answer the questions asked of him, responding by bringing up the fact that Tolko closed in Merritt under a Liberal Government, and the $69 million in forestry relief funding the NDP have set out.

The Minister also listed off several rural accomplishments, including hospitals and schools.

“The NVIT new building centre of excellence is $2.5 million. That’s the kind of investment we’re serious about on this side because we care about rural communities,” said Donaldson.


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power outage


BC Hydro is reporting that there is a power outage this morning (Friday) South of VOGHT St St, North of HOUSTON St, West of DOUGLAS and East of Chapman St. The outage was caused by a motor vehicle accident and first responders remain at the scene. BC Hydro says that 664 people are affected and they are working to restore power at this hour.

Q101 will provide updates as they become available.

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McISAAC HOLMES Bradley Jonathan DOB 19911120 1

(Photo provided by the RCMP)

Merritt RCMP Cpl. Brock Hedrick has provided Q101 with an update on Bradley McIsaac-Holmes who appeared on Merritt’s Most Wanted on October 25.

*Note – The three files involving the suspect all occurred over a four-hour span on October 10.*

“Just before 5:00 pm, the Merritt RCMP were alerted to a male who had stolen a bottle of wine from a liquor store in downtown Merritt. Subsequent investigation identified the subject,” said Hedrick.

Only two hours later the next call came in.

“Just before 7:00 pm, the Merritt RCMP were called to a convenience store in downtown Merritt for a shoplifter. The subsequent police investigation identified a local Merritt man as the culprit,” added Hedrick.

And two hours later McIsaac-Holmes was once again the suspect in a robbery and assault.

“Just after 9:20 pm the Merritt RCMP were called to a pizzeria in downtown Merritt in relation to a male who had entered the restaurant and assaulted an employee and tried to steal a pizza from the establishment, however, he left the store with an empty pizza box in his hand,” said Hedrick. “The male in question was located approximately twenty minutes later and taken into custody to await court.”

The 28-year-old has been charged with three counts of theft under $5000 and one count of assault.

On top of those charges, McIsaac-Holmes is also facing another charge of theft under $5000 concerning an incident at a grocery store on September 20, 2019.


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