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Last week, Coun. Tony Luck had the opportunity to bring forward a motion regarding the practice of having homeowners install water meters on new builds within the City of Merritt.

“We’ve been giving water meters at a considerable cost to the public to residential builds,” began Luck. “We’ve been giving water meters out for I think ten-plus years with no water metering program in place.”

“I would like to have staff prepare a report on this, and I think we need to cease this program until such time that we have a water metering program in place.,” added Luck.

The reasoning behind the motion from Luck was the fear that the installed water meters could become outdated a lead to an additional expense, if and when, a water metering program is started in Merritt.

The motion to have staff prepare a report was passed unanimously.


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city merritt council

City Council has appointed the nine members who will form the new Age-Friendly and Accessibility Committee.

  1. Councillor Travis Fehr
  2. Councillor Mike Bhangu
  3. Gail Bloom
  4. Ava Dean
  5. John Philp
  6. Judy Gray
  7. Susan Fischer
  8. Chris Kurik
  9. Cathy Ann Noris

The appointments were approved by a unanimous vote.

“I’m happy to see that this accessibility committee is underway,” began Coun. Adam Etchart. “There is definitely a lot of areas where we need to look at accessibility for those with different mobility issues and disabilities.”

The committee will not be meeting in-person, as all City of Merritt committee meetings have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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bc news

Update -

- Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.'s provincial health officer, have issued the following joint statement regarding updates on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response in British Columbia:

"We are announcing 92 new cases of COVID-19 for a total of 884 cases in British Columbia.

"Every health region in British Columbia has patients with COVID-19: 444 are in the Vancouver Coastal Health region, 291 are in the Fraser Health region, 60 are in the Island Health region, 77 are in the Interior Health region and 12 are in the Northern Heath region.

"We are saddened to report another COVID-19 related death in the Vancouver Coastal region, resulting in a total of 17 COVID-19 related deaths in British Columbia.

"One new long-term care home in the Fraser Health region has a resident who has tested positive for COVID-19. There are now COVID-19 cases in 12 facilities in B.C. All are in the Fraser and Vancouver Coastal health regions. Public health officials are providing support to implement outbreak protocols.

"Three hundred and ninety-six people who had tested positive for COVID-19 have recovered and no longer have isolation requirements.

"Of the total COVID-19 cases, 81 individuals are currently hospitalized, 52 of those in a hospital are in intensive care, and the remaining people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are recovering at home in self-isolation.

"In recent weeks we have implemented strategic restrictions in the province; to reduce high-risk points of transmission while keeping essential activities going.

"We must be united and 100% committed to doing all we can to flatten the curve. Thank you for helping to make a difference and now, more than ever, we need you to keep it up."


Dr. Bonnie Henry has provided the latest figures of COVID-19 in BC.

(Previous numbers in brackets)

New Cases – 92

Total Cases – 884 (792)

Patients in Hospital – 81 (73)

Patients in ICU – 52

Recovered – 396 (275)

New Deaths – 1

Totals Deaths – 17 (16)

Health region breakdown;

Vancouver Coastal – 444 (391)

Fraser –291 (262)

Island – 60 (57)

Interior – 77 (70)

Northern – 12 (12)

Dr. Henry did not make any new public health orders.

More to come.

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Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Coquihalla Highway - Hope to Merritt
  • Okanagan Connector - Merritt to Kelowna

Adverse Winter Driving Conditions Due to Heavy Snow This Weekend.

An unseasonably cool spring storm will deliver significant snow to the high mountain passes of southern B.C. beginning this evening. Snow will continue through the day on Saturday as the system pushes across British Columbia. In the wake of the system on Sunday, intense bursts of flurries will add further accumulations. Gusty winds will reduce visibilities in blowing snow, particularly on Sunday.

The Coquihalla Highway, Hope to Merritt segment, could receive 30 to 40 cm by Sunday evening, making for challenging travel conditions. Allison Pass, the Okanagan Connector, Rogers Pass and Kootenay Pass could see 15 to 25 cm by Sunday night. Snow levels will be unseasonably low, hovering between 1100 and 1400 metres. A transition from rain at the lower elevations to heavy snow near the passes will make for adverse winter driving conditions.


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bc news

Dr. Bonnie Henry and the BC Health Ministry have released their model for the potential trajectories of COVID-19 in BC.

Along with potential trajectories, it also shows how many beds and ventilators are in BC hospitals in the event of the ‘worse case scenario’.

The presentation is too long to attempt to summarize. The full presentation can be found here -


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