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wildfire patch

The BC Wildfire Service (BCWS) has released their summer outlook, showing that the majority of the province is experiencing normal fuel conditions. The Service credited late June precipitation with helping to ease conditions.

“Despite this rainfall, many weather stations recorded June as drier and warmer than normal. The province still has underlying drought conditions that could rapidly dry fuels once rainfall amounts diminish,” said the BCWS in their release.

Most of the Province including Merritt and the entire Kamloops Fire Centre are listed as ‘Predicted normal fire conditions.’ However, there are two regions in BC with ‘Predicted above normal fire conditions’, those would be the coast and all of Vancouver Island, and the northwest corner of the province.

“The number of wildfires so far for this time of year are near-normal (443). However, the number of hectares burned (11,294 ha) is only a fraction of what we've experienced in the past at this stage in the season,” said the BCWS.

“A reported 66% of fire starts this season have been linked to human activity, followed by lightning-caused fires at 32%. Current suppression tactics are successfully holding most wildfires to a small size. As we progress further into summer, suppression may be challenged by an increase in the amount of dry fuels,” said the BCWS.

The BCWS also expects August and September to bring above-seasonal temperatures in the southern half of the province and in particularly on the Island.


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Jared Thomas

Jared Thomas is set to return to the booth this season for another year of bringing Cents fans all the big hits, ludicrous saves, breathtaking dekes, and clutch goals.

No matter if the Cents are at home or on an island swing, you’ll be able to tune in and hear Jared call every Centennials’ game on Q101 and Hockey TV.

The Cents are set to drop the puck on their 2019-20 campaign in two months time on September 6th, but long before that things will begin to heat up in Cents land.

First up is the Alumni Golf Tournament on August 3rd. Then from the 12th-16th they’ll host the Merritt Hockey School. Then finally main camp arrives for all the Centennials hopefuls.

With August booked solid for the PXP man, Q101 sat him down this week to discuss the season ahead.

Q - Start with the new bench boss Barry Wolff, what impression have you got of the new coach from your interactions with him?

A- The interaction so far has been a little limited, he’s been working, recruiting, he has been out of town doing a lot of camps. In every interaction that I’ve had with him so far, really good guy, really good communicator. If he’s treating the players and anyone else that he’s coming in contact with as good as me then he’s doing a good job.

What I’ve heard from the players is that Barry Wolff is very keen to let everyone prove their worth. He’s told every player that there won’t be any trades made until we play our first game here. That’s a really good approach from a Head Coach coming in, doesn’t want to rock the boat, doesn’t want to cast someone aside before he’s had a chance to evaluate their talent.

Q - The team had a lot of players graduate to the NCAA level, are you expecting it to take a while for the team to gel?

A- It could take a while, but at the same time with a new Head Coach hopefully everyone is kind of at the same level, on the same page. So, it isn’t like your coming into a set system, where everyone kind of knows their role and everyone’s set in their ways. I think with there being completely new faces across the board it could lead to some gelling early. At least that’s the hope because they are going to need to start strong because the start of the season, a lot of home dates, a lot of dates against Interior Division competition. There’s going to need to be a fair share of wins, at least going .500 in the early going or else you’re going to fall behind and be playing catch-up for the rest of the year.

Q - First round exit last year, what would you consider a successful year for the Cents?

A- It would be nice to have some playoff success for sure. I think last year we proved that we can have the regular season success and that built a lot of hype and a lot of excitement for the playoffs. Cents last year couldn’t make it happen in the playoffs, maybe tried to over finesse some of the skill that they had in the regular season and carry that into the playoffs. I think in the first round Trail proved you don’t need a big game plan, you keep it simple and just play hard and that’s really the keys to playoff hockey. So, hopefully the Cents can have some success, get to that second round and get some more home playoff dates.

Q- You’re also the Business Operations Manager for the Cents, anything planned for the season you want to tease the fans with?

A- This year we’re working with Murray GM to hopefully have a new cutting-edge app for the Merritt Centennials and for local advertisers as well. To try and do some game day specific things, deals that will only be available to people that come out to the game, scan their app and their code at the door. Be able to have select prizes or select incentives that are going to be available online to you but only if you come to a Centennials game.  

Q- Finally, you’re the king of nicknames, what goes into the thought process of giving a new player a nickname?

A – It’s always a feeling out process, the character of the player and sometimes the size of the player determines a nickname and sometimes the effect and the way they shape the game dictate if they’re nickname worthy or not. There is no rhyme or reason to the nicknames, they just kind of come and if it sticks, it sticks. You know a little bit about being a play-by-play guy, you crack the mic and you usually have your pregame show prepared. Other than that, you’re kind of just along for the ride, and you’re just calling the action. So, if the action dictates a nickname will arise that will happen and if not, it may take a little while.


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kamloops courts

Justice Joel Groves has made his decision with regards to the legal costs involved in the case between the Nicola Valley Fish and Game Club and the Douglas Lake Cattle Company.

Groves ruled that the Fish and Game Club’s expenses will be split between the Cattle Company and the BC Government. The Justice stated that lack of action by the province in protecting the area lead to the litigation.

It total it’s estimated that the Fish and Game Club spent close to $350,000 during the course of the trail.


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2016 11 rcmp car


One person is dead following a motor vehicle accident late Friday afternoon on the Coquihalla between Kamloops and Merritt.

RCMP report the driver of one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene. The southbound lane on Hwy 5 was closed for several hours as officials cleared debris from the area and looked to determine what caused in incident. 

Officials have not determined the cause of the collision or release details of the deceased.

Several motorists stranded on the highway during the road closure took to social media saying the highway received heavy rain in the hour leading up to the incident.

More to come  


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rcmp 1

The Merritt RCMP are asking for assistance from the general public in relation to the theft of multiple firearms. 

The detachment provided the following information;

The firearms were taken from a vehicle that was parked overnight on June 21st, at a motel on the 2600 block of Nicola Ave.  Police are actively investigating this theft due to the public safety concern. 

Acting Staff/Sgt. Brock Hedrick did confirm to Q101 that the stolen firearms were ‘long rifles’ but he declined to specify how many had been stolen.

“If there are firearms that people are posting on social media site, or something that just doesn’t seem to fit, we’d love to hear about that kind of information,” said Hedrick.

“It’s a huge concern for the Police that these firearms are now in an unknown person’s hands,” added Hedrick.

The firearms were stolen from a lawful firearm owner.

Anybody with information is asked to call the Merritt RCMP at 250-378-4262 or Crime Stoppers.


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