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Robert Mellalieu green party

Earlier this week, the Green Party was making headlines following comments made by Leader Elizabeth May.

During a television interview, May said while she supports a women’s right to choose, she would not prevent individual members from bringing forward new legislation.

May has since clarified her comments, saying that every Green Party candidate is pro-choice.

Local Green Candidate Robert Mellalieu spoke with Q101 to clear the air and go on record with his views as well as those of the Party.

“In the green vision policy book, it clearly states that we support a women’s right to choose,” said Mellalieu.

The confusion this week came since the Green Party is not whipped to follow the party line on any one issue.

“Inside that policy book, it does also state that we are not whipped and that is one of the reasons I like the Green Party,” said Mellalieu. “I don’t have to follow the Party line, I can say I have this concern, I disagree with the Party on this particular issue or this particular point. I’m open and able to do that, and it's encouraged in the Green Party to have different types of voices and talk about issues.”

“I don’t know how any other candidate in any political party can stand to be whipped,” said Mallalieu. “I have to represent my constituents, and I may have to go up there and say my constituents don’t want this, and that’s my job to represent my constituents, and to hell with the party line at that point.”

“This is a huge advantage for the Green Party in that we can actually have open conversations, and we’re not closed-minded and always open to new ideas. Having said that at the current point in time a woman has the absolute right to choose,” concluded Mellalieu.


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Women motorcycle relay

In case two Cents games, the laughing logger show, races at the speedway, an MSS volleyball tournament and the Terry Fox run wasn’t enough to keep you busy this weekend, a new event can be added to your itinerary.

A motorcycle relay that has been circling the globe will be briefly stopping in Merritt on Saturday afternoon.

Over 18,000 women are part of the all-female relay which to date has already stopped in 46 countries and traversed 37,832 kilometres. The Canadian leg of the relay is scheduled to take 11 days and include 600 riders.

What started as an idea to attempt a relay around the world led by women on motorbikes that founder, Hayley Bell, shared on social media in late August last year, has snowballed into a movement spanning over 100 countries across the world.

“Women Riders World Relay’ started on 27th February 2019 from John O’Groats, Scotland and will continue across the world over the next 12 months via a baton being passed from woman to woman, country to country. The route across Canada is taking place over 11 days in September and has already inspired and motivated almost 600 women participants, known as Guardians, to carry the hand-carved baton across this stretch of the relay.

“Women Riders World Relay is a chance to celebrate and give light to women riders globally while also highlighting their increasing numbers as the fastest growing market in the motorcycle industry”, shares Hayley Bell.

Laura Holland will be completing a portion of the relay here in BC and discussed the brief stop in Merritt.

“There are 50-plus riders coming through Merritt, it should be around 1 o’clock,” said Holland. “We will do a gas-up and take some photos, before continuing to Kamloops.”

In Kamloops, the team will hand off the baton to the next group which will take it to Revelstoke.

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roger sloan

Coming off a career year on the PGA Tour, that only ended just over a month ago at the Northern Trust, Merritt’s own Roger Sloan will be back on the course this morning.

A brief break which saw Sloan return to Merritt to host a clinic for kids at Merritt Golf Club has come and gone, and the Greenbrier Classic has arrived.

“Once we get back from our trip to Merritt, put our nose to the grindstone and prepare for the first event in the second week of September,” said Sloan. “It’s a unique place to start the year, it’s a great facility, a great golf course. It was highlighted on my schedule.”

Following the opening tournament, Sloan mentioned taking the following weekend off to prepare for the long haul towards the end of the calendar year.

For Sloan, this year is about more than securing his place on the PGA Tour. Only two Canadians finished above Sloan in the standings last year, and if Sloan can find himself in the top two come summer, he could be headed to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

“That’s definitely a realistic accomplish for us is the Olympics this summer,” said Sloan. “The are several Canadians on the PGA Tour right now, it’s a great time for Canadian golf. Each one of us will be buckling down and competing for those two spots. To come from Merritt on a nine-hole golf course and be able to represent your country at the highest athletic event in the World, that would be an absolute honour and a treat.”

The long grid to Tokyo begins this morning with a 9:35 first-round tee time.


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Earlier this year, Merritt joined the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) as a way to attract foreign entrepreneurs to town.

Since joining the program Merritt has consistently been one of the most active cities in the Province, in terms of inquires and referrals.

Will George, Manager of Economic Development, Communications, and Tourism, updated Q101 on the process and the applications which have been referred to the provincial level.

“To date, we are at 205 inquires from foreign entrepreneurs and consultants. Of those, we have offered 27 exploratory visits and we’ve hosted 14 of them,” said George. “So, we’re still sitting around third in the province for the number of letters of interest and visits.”

So far, the committee has approved five applications for referral to the province and George mentioned a few more could soon be approved as well.

“There’s a meeting in mid-September, and I believe there will be four or five staff reports going forward. So, we’ll see how many the committee approves for a letter of referral,” said George.

The people looking to open a business through the program must fall into three categories of business.

  • Truck Transportation
  • Miscellaneous Store Retailers
  • Warehousing and Storage


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Drought Sept 11

All summer the Coldwater River was battling extreme drought conditions. The situation led to the City of Merritt implementing its highest level of watering restrictions back in August.

Thankfully the recent precipitation in the region has helped the river nearly double its flow level this week alone.

Jonathon Boyd from the River Forecast Centre joined Q101 to discuss the improvements.

“The Coldwater River has increased to 480 litres per second, and it’s almost doubled since Saturday,” said Boyd. “Although it’s almost doubled it still just a little bit above the critical environmental flow threshold. So, it has bumped up, but it still hasn’t got out of the danger zone quite yet.”

Boyd credited the improvement to the city experiencing 15.2 mm of rain over the past weekend.

“The Coldwater and the Similkameen watersheds were just a bullseye of dry weather this summer. Much of the province received greater than normal rain through July. But for some reason this little area in the Coldwater and Similkameen was a bit drier,” said Boyd.

Another key for the improvements has been several water licence holders voluntarily stopped water withdrawal from the river.

‘The hope is that we will continue to get more rain and if that happens, we’ll have our Ministry staff make the call and drop it to level three (drought). But, of course, it's all about whether forecast rain actually occurs,” concluded Boyd.

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