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Air Ambulance

A serious crash along the Coquihalla between Merritt and Hope yesterday (July 8) has sent four people to hospital.

BC Emergency Services were called to Larson Hill near Coldwater road just after 4 pm on Monday.

Officials have confirmed that four people were transported from the scene to hospital. Two were airlifted, while the other two were transported by ground ambulance.

The condition of those taken to hospital is still unknown.

The cause of the incident is under investigation.

More to come


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Drought Level July 9

(Map from the BC Government)

After consecutive years of flooding, mother nature has flipped the script and the Province is in the grips of drought.

The Merritt area is currently in level three drought conditions, meaning; Potentially serious ecosystem or socioeconomic impacts are possible.

The Ministry provided the following information in a letter sent to the City of Merritt;

Due to a low snowpack and earlier than normal runoff patterns water levels are dropping quickly, putting fish stocks and ecosystems at risk and creating water shortages for users.

Ministry staff are closely monitoring river levels, ecosystems, and weather forecasts. The Province will request voluntary reductions of up to 50% in water use if the weather continues to have a negative effect on stream flows and water supply.

The current conditions are considered to be a threat to salmon with the alteration to flow regimes resulting in low flows and high temperatures. Those factors were identified as the main freshwater limiting factor for the Thompson Steelhead and as the highest threat to Interior Fraser River Coho in recent documents. The Ministry states ‘the threat is especially prevalent in the Nicola system which is in a semi-arid region.’

With the recent precipitation that the region has received the Ministry will be providing an update of the drought situation later this week.


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Murray United Church

(The Murray United Church as it looked this past year before a fire destroyed the 143-year-old building)

Efforts to rebuild the 143-year-old Murray United Church which was destroyed by fire back in January are slowly but surely progressing.

While fundraising remains the key focus of the group heading up the rebuild effort, Jack Polmans mentioned that an architect had been brought into the fold.

“Once we get passed that (architecture), then we’ll see if we can find an engineer to do the proper drawings,” said Polmans. “It’s slowly coming it’s the funds right now that are the big hold up.”

Polmans outlined the groups next few steps.

“The first step is the architect then a few months later to draw up the plans. But the biggest issue right now is getting the funds going,” reiterated Polmans.

According to the groups ‘Go fund Me’ account just under $2,500 has been raised through that source. That number is not a fully accurate total of the fundraising effort as it only represents one of the various fundraising streams the group is working on.

It is expected that the rebuild will cost approximately $200,000.

Hoping to bring more attention to the project, the Nicola Valley Arts Council is currently showcasing works that feature the old church.


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 Update -

The B-C Coroners Service says the victim of a fatal head-on crash last week on the Coquihalla highway was a teenage girl from Washington state.

The crash occurred on Friday afternoon just north of Merritt towards Kamloops on HWY 5.

The Service declined to comment on the teen's age, location or any other indicators, citing privacy concerns.

The R-C-M-P say the investigation into the cause of the crash is underway and will likely take several months.


Original story -

RCMP are continuing their investigation into a deadly crash which saw one person killed late Friday afternoon on Highway 5 between Merritt and Kamloops.

Officials say the driver of one of the vehicles was pronounced dead at the scene.

It was the second major crash in-as-many weeks on the Coquihalla. On Monday June 24th, eight people were sent to hospital following a pair of accidents just 100-metres apart. Reports of a "freak-hailstorm" are believed to be the cause of those incidents which tied traffic up for hours on both southbound and northbound lanes. 

Weather has not been ruled out in Friday's crash, as several motorists who were stranded as debris was being removed from the scene, took to social media to report heavy rain in the vicinity at the time of the crash.

More to come.

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basscoast logo

Festival season is right around the corner and first up is Bass Coast.

Bass Coast describes itself as;

Bass Coast Festival is a thoughtfully curated boutique music and art festival.  Bass Coast features an eclectic offering of emerging and established electronic music, art, ideas and technology. 

Bass Coast is set to run from July 12th – 15th, out at the Merritt festival grounds. While the festival is technically sold out, that doesn’t necessarily apply for Merrittonians who still have two chances to experience the fest.

“We’re really excited, we’re sold out again. But there are still locals’ tickets available for Merritt residents,” said Organizer Liz Thomson. “If you haven’t been or you just want to come check it out or want to see some of the art or some of the music, you can pick up a reduced price locals’ ticket.”

Or Merrittonians could partake in the Thursday walkthrough.

“The walkthrough on Thursday is such an amazing way for people to come see what’s happening in their backyard. It’s important that Merritt knows it has become a destination for people all around the world. It used to be a North American festival, now we have ticket sales from five continents,” said Thomson.

Those looking to join the walk-through are asked to contact Etelka Gillespie at 250-315-3290 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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