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Merritt's Emergency Preparedness Coordinator says the danger is always there when the rivers begin to freeze.

Tom Lacey says it's simple - stay off the ice.

Lacey says it's incumbant on parents of small children to be especially aware of the dangers and keep them away from frozen rivers and lakes.

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As the City Council looks at tightening things up as it gets into budget talks, local groups should not be hit hard in the pocket book.

City Councillor Mike Goetz says Council will continue trying to help where they can.

At the same time Goetz says, council has to be aware of overspending and do their best to keep things in line.

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There's an important notice today from Canada Post's lead hand in Merritt.

Karen Knapp says letters to Santa Claus at the North Pole are now being given priority service.

Knapp says the address is Santa Claus, North Pole, Canada, HOH OHO.

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Norene Parke, who started her career as a paramedic in Merritt in the mid-1990's, is the new unit chief in Terrace.

She most recently spent two years in a regional training position in Victoria.

Before that, she was the acting regional training officer in Kamloops for two years.

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One of the 13 NDP MLA's who has refused to endorse Carole James' leadership says it's not a matter of asking her to step down.

And, Fraser-Nicola MLA Harry Lali says that was not the intent of a blistering attack in a letter yesterday from veteran MLA Jenny Kwan.

James made it clear yesterday, when she broke her silence over the latest call for a leadership convention, saying she's calling an emergency meeting of her caucus in the next few days.

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