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The superintendent of schools in District 58, Nicola-Similkameen is applauding the Public Health Agency of Canada announcement of a 2.6-million-dollar grant involving an anti-bullying program developed by
a University of Victoria psychologist.

Bob Peacock is glad to see the support.

The four-year grant for the program will support online resources, training and lesson plans for teachers across the country.

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There's still a few steps to be taken before the City can begin work on either the DeWolf Way upgrades or subdividing at the Merritt Airport.

City Deputy Clerk Carole Fraser says the DeWolf Way bylaw has not come back from the province yet.

Petitions on both projects will be located at City Hall when done and the projects will need 90-per cent support from elligible voters to proceed.

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With a large influx of tourists expected to visit Merritt in the month of July, the City is continuing to call on residents to get yards and properties in order for a good showing.

City Bylaw Enforcement Officer David Berezan says most people are complying to the unsightly premises bylaw but for those who haven't, others can report them.

Berezan says the City attempts to approach the offending property owners and the people living there in the case of a rental agreement, and works with them to comply with the bylaws.

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It's no secret that Harry Lali opposes the H-S-T, and, he'll host a town hall meeting tonight to answer questions on the controversial tax.

Lali, the N-D-P M-L-A in Fraser Nicola, says even lowering the H-S-T from 12 to 10 percent is going to be costly for B-C.

Tonight's Town Hall meeting in Merritt is going to be the first of a number to be held in the riding over the next two weeks.  It's between 6 and 8 o'clock in Room One at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

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Merritt's Communities in Bloom appear to be leading by example after this past weekend.

City Councillor Shelley Sanders says a half dozen committee members were out pulling their weight on Saturday.

Sanders says the response to their actions was very positive.

Communities In Bloom meets again next Monday, to prepare for the July 18 visit to Merritt by the National Communities in Bloom officials.

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