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The Social Planning Council in Merritt will continue its efforts to educate the community about healthy foods and providing for ourselves.

RCMP Constable Tracy Dunsmore says it could include the re-establishment of a Community Garden.

Dunsmore says the idea is to promote healthy living, healthy life styles and growing our own food.

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Despite the continuous efforts to rid the City of the pesky mosquito population, there's still a problem in some areas.

Damian Regan of DG Regan and Associates wants to hear from people where there are major issues.

Regan says the mosquito problem will continue at least until the end of the month and the Vectobac applications will continue.

Contact DG Reagan and Associates online at

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The high water advisory for the Nicola River and Nicola Lake has now been lifted.

Water was released from Nicola Dam last week at over 43-cubic meters per second but that has eased considerably this week.

Meanwhile, people in several parts of B-C can breathe a little easier as the threat of flooding dwindles.

But lakefront property owners in the Okanagan are still on alert.

Flood watches and high water advisories have been lifted for the Okanagan, Boundary and Kootenay regions, including the Similkameen, Kettle, West Kettle and Grandby Rivers.

However, Okanagan and Osoyoos Lakes have swollen beyond their normal levels from heavy rain and melting snow and people with lakefront property have been warned to take precautions.

Along with the high water advisories on the Nicola River, they have also been cancelled for the Bella Coola River, but remain for the Nechako River at Vanderhoof.

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The City of Merritt is finally on the National Weather Map.

Mae Ketter, Economic Development Assistant with Community Futures Nicola Valley says it's a legacy of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

The weather readings are now made hourly for Merritt and published on Environment Canada websites.

The ceremonies are at 1:30 this afternoon at the city's newest ground water well behind the South Central Interior Distance Education School on Merritt Avenue.

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City Council is back at the Council table tonight.

The meeting kicks off at 7 o'clock with a presentation from the water conservation students, hired through the Water Resource Advisory Committee.

The noise abatement ammendment bylaw is another topic on tonight's agenda and Council also gets the opportunity to review the final revision of Merritt's Official Community Plan.

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