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Aside from Wednesday's controlled burn in the Coutlee Plateau region on Merritt's southside, forestry crews have already been busy with fire activity in the area.

Kamloops Fire Centre Information Officer Travis Abbey says the wildfire season is underway.

Abbey stressed that people to be careful with their burning between now and May 15, when the official open burning ban goes into affect in the region.

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The popular Campsite "C" will re-open with the return of the Merritt Mountain Music Festival this July.

President of Active Mountain Entertainment, Claude Lelievre says an area at the north end of Section Ten, previously known as "Camp C" will be available with free of charge camping during Mountainfest.

Camp C, known as a party area, closed after the 2008 Festival in an effort to make the event more family oriented.

The Festival lost money in 2009 and organizers cancelled the following year's event.

Mountainfest is back on track after a year off and runs from July 7-10.

Details are available online at

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As Prime Minister Stephen Harper puts together his new Cabinet and plans to open Parliament by month's end, there's a belief by some that Canada is looking at the possibility of a "united left".

Fraser-Nicola N-D-P M-L-A Harry Lali feels it may end up that way.

Stephen Harper is expected to recall Parliament in a matter of weeks to put his majority government to work.

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Pristine Power's bio-mass project at Tolko Industries in Merritt has been put on temporary hold.

Merritt Mayor Susan Roline says B-C Hydro has granted the extension on their plans while a review of continues.

Pristine Power was supposed to have final approval in April, but due to the review the province requested of all Hydro activities, it has been put on hold for three months.

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The newly elected M-P in Okanagan-Coquihalla says he heard a lot of concerns while campaigning in the Merritt area.

At the same time, Dan Albas says he heard a lot of positives.

Albas says there are some really good things happening, but he says there are some real challenges too.

Albas topped the polls Monday in Okanagan-Coquihalla and is off to Ottawa to fill the shoes of eleven year M-P Stockwell Day, who has retired from politics.

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