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After issuing a request for proposals for construction of benches downtown for the implementation of a Community Enhancement-Memorial Recognition Policy program, a choice has been made.

City Councillor Mike Goetz says five proposals were received, ranging in price from $399 to $2352, with council voting to buy the more expensive ones.

Goetz says with the type of material needed, the price barely covers the costs, so nobody will get rich building them.

People interested in a memorial plaque and a bench should contact Merritt City Hall.

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Merritt's Mayor endorses City Council's decision to defeat an anti noise bylaw designed to control noisy A-T-V's in and around the City.

Susan Roline says Council wants the noise controlled, but such a bylaw is nearly unenforceable.

Roline says the City has received a commitment from the A-T-V users that they'll work to educate and enforce themselves.

And, she adds that they've proven themselves so far.

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The handful of CUPW workers at the Merritt Post Office are on the outside today, after being locked out by Canada Post.

Local Shop Steward Lana McKnight says support from the public has been good.

Doors to the Merritt Post Office are open to allow the public access to the mail already sorted, but no other services are being offered during the lock out.

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Just in time for the summer months ahead, the Nicola Watershed Community Round Table has been given the go ahead to locate a new drought monitoring sign in town.

Speaking for the Round Table, Elizabeth Salomon De Friedberg says it'll be similar to the large forest fire danger signs.

City Council last night granted approval for the six by nine foot sign to be located on Voght Street on what's commonly known as Grasslands Hill above the Crossroads Community Church.

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The official opening of the new Environment Canada Weather Station in Merritt took place yesterday.

Mayor Susan Roline says it's a great step for our community.

The weather station reports on the Environment Canada website across Canada on an hourly basis giving temperature and weather conditions from the City's new water well site in Kengaard behind the South Central Interior Distance Education School.

The only reading it doesn't offer at this time is snow pack. Roline is hoping that will be added soon, broadcasting to the country just how little snowfall there actually is in Merritt on an annual basis.

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