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The outgoing president of the Nicola Valley Teachers Union says 90-per cent of B-C's 28-thousand plus teachers have voted in favour of strike action in September.

Rick Ferguson says it means come September, teachers will be on a "teach only" campaign.

Ferguson adds that any reports that there would not be any extra curricular activities in the Fall is false and teachers will participate on a personal and volunteer basis.

This is Ferguson's last day as President of the NVTU and as of tomorrow, Loch Eddy returns to the position.

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While the City has experienced some delays in setting up an Economic Development Officer at City Hall, they won't be left high and dry when the contract with Community Futures expires tomorrow.

C-F C-E-O Patrick Flanagan says an agreement has been reached between the City and Community Futures whereby Deanne Parise will continue as Economic Development Officer.

Flanagan says it's C-F's intention to continue to maintain a small economic development presence in the community, as people still come into the office looking for that kind of information.

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Here comes the summer... for students in School District 58, Nicola-Similkameen.

Superintendent of Schools Bob Peacock says today is the final day of classes for all elementary, middle and secondary school students in the District.

Peacock says there are no changes in class locations for the various grades throughout the district, with everything the status quo when they return in September.

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It's going to be an arduous task, but City Council gave the nod to a newly revised Official Commuity Plan last night.

Author of the O-C-P, Joe Calenda, says Merritt's population will grow by eight thousand people to fifteen thousand over the next twenty years, if the plan is adopted.

City Council gave the final adoption of the O-C-P last night after there were no objections at a Public Hearing last night.

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The Merritt Walk of Stars group didn't walk away with all of the $15,000 in funding they wanted, but were granted $10,000 to help with a number of projects.

Walk of Stars Society Vice-President Peter Moyes says getting $5,000 less than requested is a little disappointing, but despite that, the money is much appreciated.

Moyes says the money will basically be used to promote Merritt as the Country Music Capital of Canada, working with people in the industry, music associations and solidifying agreements for both the B-C Country Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame, which opens next Wednesday, July 6.

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