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The past president of Gold Country is hoping Merritt will remain a member after the current membership expires in about a year's time.

Ida Makaro is hoping Merritt and Gold Country can work to negotiate some kind of agreement.

Makaro says the specified area taxation will give Gold Country approximately $70,000 in 2012.

She says they've been operating on a $60,000 budget and is hoping contracts will be negotiated with members in Lillooet, Logan Lake and Merritt to bring them back on board.

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When Gold Country lost a major source of funding from TNRD, it started looking at it's member communities for the funding.

Merritt City Councillor Nadia Clarke says Merritt's membership costs would escalate by about 90%.

Councillor Clarke say tourism is already being handled by the Merritt Marketing Group.

Whether the City will renew it's membership in Gold Countries remains to be seen.

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The Merritt Tracker Sportswear Midget Reps beat Summerland 6-0 yesterday and Osoyoos 10-4 on Saturday to move into first place in the OMAHA Tier 3 Division.

The Merritt Atom Development Centennials topped Penticton 7-5 yesterday at the Shulus Arena.

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Merritt's Emergency Preparedness Coordinator says the danger is always there when the rivers begin to freeze.

Tom Lacey says it's simple - stay off the ice.

Lacey says it's incumbant on parents of small children to be especially aware of the dangers and keep them away from frozen rivers and lakes.

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As the City Council looks at tightening things up as it gets into budget talks, local groups should not be hit hard in the pocket book.

City Councillor Mike Goetz says Council will continue trying to help where they can.

At the same time Goetz says, council has to be aware of overspending and do their best to keep things in line.

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