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The Lower Nicola Band Council elected in October has been decimated by an Elder's Council decision to oust three councilors from the band.

Former Chief Arthur Dick tells Q-101 news that the Elder's Council has passed an order to remove Mary June Coutlee, Stuart Jackson and Robert Sterling from Council after an appeal was submitted recently, and replace them by the three candidates with the next highest vote count on October 2.

Otherwise, Dick says it will end up in the Federal Courts for an injunction until the decision has been reviewed.

Meanwhile, the next in line to take over the vacant positions on the Lower Nicola Band Council are David Clayton, Charlene Joe and Marcy Garcia.

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The Shackan Band has elected its new council for the next term of office.

A familiar face has been elected Chief for the Band, as Percy Joe won out over Ruby Adams by a final vote count of 36 to 20.

Three people were vying for two councillor positions open on the Council.

Sharon John, with 42 votes, and Leonard Joe, with 36 votes, are in.

Lee Seymour registered a total of 28 votes in going down to defeat.

The new Council will have a meet and greet at Shackan this Thursday.

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The political landscape in BC is changing rapidly with the resignation of BC's NDP leader Carole James.

John Winter, President of the BC Chamber of Commerce, says it's going to put the whole political landscape in disarray for the next three or four months.

Winter says Carole James is going to be missed by the Chamber and many others in BC.

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The much anticipated Christmas display at City Hall is making a shift to downtown this year.

Marguerite Kempin, the City Bylaw Enforcement Officer, has been building the display at City Hall each year, but has decided to expand the display to the former Liquidation World-Extra Foods building.

Kempin is setting up the massive display this week and will have it up and running into the first week of January.

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While Merritt opted out of taking part in the specified area taxation proposal recently put forward by Gold Country, there's still hope for a future agreement.

Gold Country past president Ida Makaro says it was voted on at last week's TNRD meeting in Kamloops.

Under the current agreement Merritt is a member until the end of 2011.

The new taxation system will see rates increase considerably, something that has Merritt City Council coming to terms with.

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