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A storm passing through the Coquihalla Highway system has caused some havoc for motorists since late yesterday.

Bob Gilowski of VSA Highway Maintenance says not a large accumulation of snow, but it's quite wet and slushy and on top of previous conditions, it's going to result in some slippery conditions.

Gilowski says crews are doing a good job and the more breaks the public can give them, the better.

There was one closure on the Coquihalla south of Merritt this morning, but that has been cleared and traffic is flowing again.

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The President of the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology says the Fall semester is winding down and final exams are just around the corner.

Ken Tourand says students are preparing for those while Spring registration is now open, with classes scheduled to start on January 4.

Tourand encourages people contemplating post secondary classes should contact NVIT at 250-378-3300.

He adds there's also room in the new NVIT daycare for kids from birth to age three as well as three to five year olds.

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A one time Merritt resident and convicted sex offender has been arrested again.

David Caza was one of two BC men caught up in a child porn investigation based in Toronto.

Ontario police report 60 arrests altogether, including Caza, who's done time before because of kiddie porn.

Police say those arrested are facing a 130 charges related to material involving children as young as four.

While in Merritt, Caza was the subject of a move by City Council to have him ousted from the community.

He had been moved to Merritt by the courts in the Fall of 2005.


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While tourism meetings between the City of Merritt and local players have been held this week, a number of concerns have been identified.

Merritt Mayor Susan Roline says she was surprised to see less has been done on the tourism plan than was expected over the past year.

Roline says the basis of the plan was to up BC's tourism profile as part of the Olympic commitment of the Provincial Government.

She says the plan did shed light on the different things that need to be done in the community to move towards being more tourism oriented, but says it's unfortunate the plan never advanced.

She says there are more meetings planned in order for council and the tourism committee to move ahead.

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While the line ups are longer and the need is stronger, the Nicola Valley and District Food Bank is continuing to serve the community in a big way.

Food Bank Manager Karen Flick is holding an optimistic feeling that things will turn around.

Flick says the Christmas hamper campaign received good support from the community this year, with more than 300 recipients in the queue.

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