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The B-C ranching industry will soon know the scope of a long running concern as the province's Cattlemen's Association is reviewing feedback to determine the impact of predators on the beef business.

General Manager Kevin Boone says members were asked to fill out surveys to express their opinions, especially on the dollar losses to operations.

The survey is part of a pilot program launched by the B-C Agriculture Council in August of 2009, which wraps up at the end of the year.

It's designed to reduce the economic impact of wild predators on the cattle and sheep industries and to let the public know about how important the ranching industry really is to the Province's economy.

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A traffic note to motorists in Merritt this morning.

Darrell Finnigan, the City's Superintendent Of Public Works, says the barricades and one way traffic set up for Mountainfest last week remain in effect for another week on Voght Street between Nicola and Coldwater Avenue.

Finnigan says most of the activities for the Great Canadian Bike Rally are downtown, with some at the Rodeo Grounds in Collettville.

He says roads downtown will be blocked off from Chapman Street to Charters Street on Quilchena Avenue and between Voght Street and Garcia Street on Granite Avenue, as well as on Garcia Street from Granite Avenue to Quilchena Avenue between Thursday and Sunday.

The one way on Voght Street will remain up until about 5 o'clock next Monday morning.

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B-C's Forests Minister wants us all to know that our province won't be at risk with the forest service sending 90 firefighters to Ontario to help out with their wildfire concerns.

Steven Thompson says that as always, should a wildfire emergency develop here, those crews will be brought home again immediately.

Minister Thompson notes that for now, British Columbia is having it's slowest wildfire season in ten years.

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With close to 80 young people registered this year, the "Smart Step Group" is an active part of the community.

Constable Tracy Dunsmore of the Merritt R-C-M-P says the group started by ex-Merritt Centennial Nick Kang has recruited youngsters from both Coquihalla Middle School and Merritt Secondary School.

Dunsmore says the group meets twice a week and invites guest speakers to talk about such things as drug abuse and other peer pressures over the summer.

She says their big week for projects will be the week of August 8-12 culminating with International Youth Day on the 12th.

Anyone interested in joining with the group is welcome to join them at the teen centre across from the Elks Hall on Coldwater Avenue between 2pm and midnight Monday to Saturday.

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Southbound traffic on Highway 1 is being redirected through Merritt to the Coquihalla Highway via Highway 8 this morning.

A Highways spokesperson says a semi tractor trailer unit has rolled six killometres north of Lytton, taking down power lines and blocking the highway until about 12 noon today.

The extent of injuries in the crash have not been disclosed at this time.

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