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Now that the wood stove rebate program is back on again in Merritt, the call is back out for applications.

Program coordinator Tim Larson says there's enough funding to make a major impact.

Larson says there are two basic elligibility requirements on the program: ownership of a wood stove or wood heating appliance that doesn't meet ETA or CSA emission standards, and a building permit, which is a basic safety issue.

The Program is in place now till the end of March. More details are available at Merritt City Hall.

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Liability concerns could spell the end of the popular fireworks display that has followed the Merritt Country Christmas parade over the last number of years.

City Councilor Mike Goetz says safety is the number one concern.

Goetz says we'll see the same fireworks displays on both July 1st and October 31st that have been a tradition in Merritt for several years.

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There's still no word from BC Transit on Merritt's request to expand bus service but there's still hope.

City Councilor Alastair Murdoch says it may be a matter of waiting to move up the priority list.

Murdoch says he thinks there's no reason to think expansion won't happen and it's just taking a bit longer to get through the process.

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The well researched proposal to bring a performing arts theatre to Merritt was presented to City Council by the Merritt Theatre Building Steering Committee.

Kurt Christopherson told council the proposal will begin with a four plex movie theatre to get things started, but a performing arts venue is still part of the plan.

Christopherson said such a project would stand alone and be located downtown, with a projected completion within the next two or three years.

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The Nicola Valley Wood Stove Initiative that has seen substantial rebates for people upgrading their wood stoves has been given new life.

Merritt City Councillor Dave Baker says the program was scrapped this Fall but following a report from Environment Canada Air Quality Meteorologist Ralph Adams that showed wood smoke as one of the main pollutants the program has been brought back.

The program is now up and running again, with Tim Larson back as coordinator.

It'll run from now through March with substantial money back rebates for people making the wood stove upgrades.

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