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If you're one of the Merritt residents hoping to see some roadwork done in front of your property, it could happen before too long.

Mayor Susan Roline says some infrastructure studies will indicate where a lot of the work is most needed, and, the work will be caught up this year.

Roline expects some of that work will get underway by early this summer.

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The last Merritt Minor Hockey team left in the playoffs opens its final round best-of-three series today as the Midget Reps host Winfield.

Merritt won the championship last season and is looking to advance to the Provincials once again.

Game time is 4:30 this afternoon at the Shulus Arena.

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As many Christians observe the pending Easter season and the advent of Lent next week, Christians in Merritt observe the day on Tuesday.

Richie Gage of the Trinity United Church says Tuesday is Shrove Tuesday, with the annual pancake supper.

Shrove Tuesday preceeds Ash Wednesday next week, the start of the Lenten period that leads up to Easter on April 24.

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We've all looked at our phone bill and scratched our head wondering how did it get so high?

One Merritt couple is doing the same, but instead of hundreds, they're looking at thousands of dollars in charges.

It only took three months for Daniel and Kate Methot's cell phone bill to reach the $3500 dollar mark which is interesting, considering once they saw their first bill they quit using their phone.

Daniel says Bell is being no help, telling him to stop using so much data, all the while he's hired lawyers and spent countless hours on the phone hoping Bell will figure out the problem.

It seems like nothing's changed though, with his latest bill well over a thousand dollars and still no explanation from Bell.

(With files from CHNL)

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After repeated warnings about truckers disobeying truck route signs, the general public is being asked to help.

Merritt's Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Marguerite Kempin, says you can act as extra eyes for the city.

Heavy trucks on city streets are being blamed as one of the causes for wear and tear and potholes created on busy thoroughfares.

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