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Another semester is coming to a close as students are now in final exams at the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology.

Looking ahead to the fall semester,l N-V-I-T President Ken Tourand says enrollment continues to be strong.

Tourand says N-V-I-T is offering the certificate in early childhood education as well as the diploma in early childhood education which is done about once in every four or five years.

Other courses and enrollment information is available online at

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Even though the partnership between the City of Merritt and Community Futures expires at the end of June and won't be renewed, Community Futures will move ahead.

Patrick Flanagan says other partnerships will continue, and, he says there are always requests for proposals coming up for different agencies that C-F can tap into.

The City has contributed 120-thousand dollars a year to the partnership, which began ten years ago, but said last week they intend to employ the services of an in-house Economic Development Officer.

In the meantime, Flanagan says Commuity Futures will continue to work with the City until the end of June.

Flanagan adds that C-F is not planning on leaving the Community.

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It's that time of the year again for a friendly warning from the Interior Health Authority that it's tick season again in the Nicola Valley.

Medical Health Officer Dr. Rob Parker says the tick bites can come as a bit of a surprise after a walk in any tall grass.

Doctor Parker warns that in some cases an untreated tick bite can result in Lyme disease or Rocky Mountain spot fever.

(With files from CHNL)

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Seating is expected to be at a premium when the five candidates for the May 2 Federal Election in the riding of Okanagan-Coquihalla square off in tomorrow's All Candidates Forum in Merritt.

It's recommended that a call ahead to the Chamber of Commerce Office to confirm seating be made ahead of the Forum set for 7 o'clock tomorrow night at the N-V-I-T Lecture Theatre.

The doors will open at 6:30.

Chamber officials say parking fees for the event have been waived.

The five people seeking the position previously held by Conservative Stockwell Day are Dan Albas (Conservative Party), Dan Bouchard (Green Party), David Finnis (NDP), John Kidder (Liberal Party) and Sean Upshaw (“Independent” Conservative).

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Despite a slow start, the Communities in Bloom program is proceeding after about a three year hiatus.

City Councillor Shelley Sanders says it seems people are a little gun shy because there seems to be a lot of work to do in preparing for the judges visit in late July and early August.

Councillor Sanders says it's not all about having everything ship shape for judging day.  She says that's a lot of work and pressure for one day.

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