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The candidates in the Federal Riding of Okanagan-Coquihalla are hearing a lot of the past work of retiring M-P Stockwell Day.

Liberal candidate John Kidder says Day's retirement has opened the door for more than the Conservatives to make a showing in the riding.

Kidder is one of six candidates in the Okanagan-Coquihalla riding.

The other five are Dan Albas for the Conservatives, David Finis for the N-D-P, Dan Bouchard for the Green Party, and Independents Sean Upshaw and Dietrich Wittel.

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This is the final day that voters can cast ballots in advance polls for the May 2nd election.

Liaison Officer for Elections Canada, Bruce Forward reminds voters in Merritt to have their voter information card ready at the polls.

The advanced polls today and the main polls on election day, next Monday are at the Merritt Civic Centre.

Today's advanced poll is underway between noon and 8pm.

Under law, there must be three days of advancing polling in a federal election -- 10, nine, and seven days before election day.

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Don't be surprised if the Thompson Nicola Regional District gets more aggressive when it comes to attracting new business to the area.

The wheels are in motion to get the T-N-R-D's economic development office back in business.

Cache Creek Mayor John Ranta says about 80-thousand dollars was left over after the T-N-R-D scrapped it's economic development function after Kamloops bowed out and formed Venture Kamloops.

Ranta says recommendations will be made to the board and the new program would be web based.

(With files from CHNL)

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The City's top law makers will be back at the Council table tomorrow night.

Deputy Clerk Carole Fraser says there are no delegations at the meeting, but four bylaws are on the agenda.

The meeting is, as usual, at 7 o'clock in City Hall Council Chambers tomorrow night.

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Allan Schoenborn, the man who killed his three children in Merritt, has withdrawn his request for escorted leave from the psychiatric hospital where he is being detained.

The B.C. Review Board earlier approved Schoenborn's request for supervised day passes but decided to re-examine that decision after it was revealed the children's mother lives in Port Coquitlam, where the hospital is located.

Through his lawyer, Schoenborn said he was withdrawing the request because he did not want to cause any further hardship to his wife, who discovered the bodies of her children in her Merritt home three years ago.

Schoenborn's lawyer, Scott Hicks, says Schoenborn was assaulted in the hospital after news reports about his last review board hearing, and has now been moved to a more secure unit of the hospital.

Schoenborn was found not criminally responsible due to mental illness for killing the children three years ago.

(With files from The Canadian Press)

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