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There were a few moments of panic when word came out this week that there's going to be a power outage the night of Country Christmas in Merritt.

Country Christmas Committee member Mike Goetz says he has since clarified that it won't affect residents within city limits and is confined to an area south of Merritt, including parts of Coldwater Road all the way to the old Toll Booth site.

The power outage is next Friday, November 25 south of town from 10 pm till midnight.

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The renewal process is getting underway for Chamber memberships, with an added incentive being offered this year.

Heather Fader, Manager of the Merritt and District Chamber of Commerce says someone could have their year's membership fees waived by paying their 2012 fees by December 31st.

Fader says there are various options for membership from multiple business owners, home based business, non profit with-or-without employees, as well as individual memberships.

The Chamber is hoping to bring memberships back over the 200 mark from it's current membership of about 150.

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Merritt's Mayor doesn't feel the City has taken full advantage of it's branding as the "Country Music Capital of Canada."

Susan Roline says the community hasn't taken advantage of what she considers to be an excellent branding.

Roline adds that Merritt needs to work more diligently on how the branding is marketed.

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Treacherous conditions yesterday continued to play havoc on highways in the area, carrying over from the weekend.

Numerous accidents, mainly on phase one of the Coquihalla south of Merritt, kept emergency personnel busy again yesterday and last night.

A spun out semi near the junction of Highway 5-A at Aspen Grove and the Okanagan Connector halted traffic for close to an hour yesterday afternoon whil the roadway was cleared.

The good thing after all was said and done.. there were no serious injuries as a result of the crashes.

Again, the word is.. SLOW DOWN to the conditions.

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The Hamilton Mountain TV Society is wrapping up their responsibility on the mountain top, and, turning over the reigns.

Randy Murray, T-N-R-D Director for Area "M" says a company out of Vancouver called Navagada will take over the lease. And in exchange for the lease, Navagada will provide high speed broadband internet service for the Nicola Lake area.

Murray says the service lends added potential for people in that area to do business from home and communicate electronically.  He says it's tremendous news.

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