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The out-going Merritt City Council will address requests made two weeks ago by the Outdoor Recreation Facility Users Committee regarding park use and development at its' final meeting set for tomorrow evening.

Committee Chair Kelly Bartsch says there are various phases or guidelines and chronological steps that have to be taken.

Major additions and upgrades to facilitate a wide variety of park users are accommodate in the Committees plans for both Voght Park and Central Park.

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Preliminary Votes for the office of Regional District Representative:

Name                  Total Votes

MURAAY, Randy        250

GALBRAITH, Jon        94

ISBISTER, Rick           62

These results are preliminary only. The TNRD is expected to announce the official results before 4 pm on Wednesday, November 23rd.

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A medical condition is the prime suspect behind a fatal single vehicle crash on Highway 97C near Logan Lake last night.

The driver of the car is thought to have suffered a heart attack at the wheel according to R-C-M-P.

The incident occurred just after 8 o'clock last night.

The name of the victim has not been released.

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Votes for the office of School Trustee:

Name                  Advance Poll          General Voting Day         Total Votes

KROEKER, Tim          295                        1005                         1300

GAGE, Richie            274                         833                          1107

SWAN, Gordon         259                         739                           998

BROWMAN, Tony      138                         505                           643

KEMPIN, Marguerite   113                         375                          488

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Votes for the office of Councillor:

Name                  Advance Poll          General Voting Day         Total Votes

NORGAARD, Clara      299                         939                          1238

BAKER, Dave            295                         857                          1152

BRIGDEN, Norm        215                         813                          1028

KROEKER, Harry        234                         774                          1008

GOETZ, Mike            239                         706                           945

MURDOCH, Alastair    233                         684                           917

SANDERS, Shelley     207                         709                           916

POLMANS, Jack        146                         462                           608

PETRIE, Larry           145                         397                           542

KEYS, Harvey            71                          237                           308

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