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Heavy snow in the Coquihalla Pass has raised avalanche concerns for road maintenance crews.

Bob Gilowski of VSA Highway Maintenance says as temperatures start to warm up the snow becomes heavy and could pose the threat of a slide.

Gilowski says once the storms pass there'll be a significant amount of clean up in the area of the Great Bear Snowshed and that will mean lane closures and possibly some delays for travellers.

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While the candidates for leader continue to add up, Fraser-Nicola NDP MLA Harry Lali, who has his hat in the leadership ring, stresses a need to look ahead.

Lali says he's laid down a clear vision.

Lali says the NDP stands for the people of the province and it's high time the NDP started representing them, as well.

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The headline artist booked for this summer's return of Mountainfest to Merritt isn't coming after all.

Claude Lelievre, president of Active Mountain Entertainment, says he learned last Monday that due to scheduling changes, Reba McEntire won't make a scheduled July 9 appearance.

Lelievre says he has some verbal commitments from other top stars and expects to make an announcement shortly.

The Festival was scrapped last year after seventeen years and is rescheduled for July 7-10 this year.

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Students perhaps hoping the snow would mean a day off school can forget that.

Jim Garfield of School District 58 in Merritt says everything is okay.

The school bus routes are a priority for snow crews to keep clear in the event of heavy snowfalls, so no problems are anticipated.

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The heavy snow predicted yesterday has hit the region and drivers are being cautioned to prepare for winter driving when venturing out onto the highway.

Bob Gilowski of VSA Highway Maintenance says crews are out, but driving conditions in some areas could still be treacherous.

Truckers heading onto the Coquihalla are advised that chains are mandatory.

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