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While T-R-U and N-V-I-T are looking at curriculum to accommodate the anticipated need for qualified people in B-C's shipbuilding industry, the community is looking at possibilities as well.

Anyone interested is invited to a Community Futures Nicola Valley Job Support session today at one o'clock.

There will be a review of how the recent announcement for Sea Span of North Vancouver could affect employment in Merritt.

Indications are it could bring jobs to Merritt, even though it's not located on the coast.

The session will help people to prepare for the jobs and when.

People interested should be at Community Futures shortly before one o'clock this afternoon.

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The City of Merritt's quest for more land continues.

The city's Business and Economic Development Manager, James Umpherson, says in anticipation of the city's growing needs, Merritt is applying for additional lands to accommodate future development.

He says the city needs to incorporate 93-acres, known as "North Bench".

The land transfer from the Crown to the city will augment the current inventory of land availability to meet the triple objectives of social equality through residential use and/or a school site, environmental stewardship with additional parkland and economic prosperity by increasing commercial land space.

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Merritt Centennials season ticket holders get a chance for a meet and greet with the players and coaching staff in the mezzanine of the Nicola Valley Memorial Arena tonight from 7 o'clock to 8:30.

The evening is only open to season ticket holders and also includes a tour of the Cents dressing room and autograph session.

If you're interested in attending and don't have a season ticket, they are available by calling 378-2345.

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Merritt's Bylaw Officer doesn't feel there's reason for charges following last Thursday's pit bull attack that seriously injured a border collie being walked in downtown Merritt.

Bob Davis says the pit bull was being handled properly, but simply just slipped its' collar.

Davis says the police felt that there was a strong possibility that the pit bull could re-offend with another animal attack or possibly even a human attack.

The dog was put down on Friday.

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With a civic election just over three weeks away, City Council will have a light workload as they meet tonight.

City Deputy Clerk Carole Fraser says there are no delegations and no unfinished business.

The meeting, which gets underway at seven o'clock in City Hall Council Chambers sees three bylaws up for fourth and final reading and one for the first of three readings.

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