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The Merritt Centennials continue with exit interviews for their players today after the season ended on Tuesday with a 6-5 loss to Salmon Arm in Game Four of their playoff series.

Cents coach and G-M Luke Pierce says the future looks bright.

Meanwhile, the Silverbacks advance to face Penticton.

Tonight, Westside hosts Trail with the series tied 2-2.

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As the B-C Liberals get to work uniting their caucus, the Fraser-Nicola N-D-P M-L-A calls it "back to the future and a blast from the past."

Harry Lali says he finds it hard to take when Premier designate Christy Clark says she's going to put family first.

Lali added that as Education Minister Clark closed 113 schools, the biggest closure of schools in the history of the country.

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Although Merritt missed out on an attempt to secure the funding for a business incubator project last year, doesn't mean efforts aren't continuing this year.

Patrick Flanagan, C-E-O and General Manager of Community Futures Nicola Valley says Merritt was close last time around.

In the initial attempts to establish the incubator program there were upwards of thirty home based businesses that expressed interest in taking part.

The idea is to bring the group of businesses uptown and under one roof to display there products and services collectively.

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There have been complaints about snow removal contractors around the City getting at it too early for some residents.

City of Merritt Bylaw Enforcement Officer Marguerite Kempin says the contractors need to get an early jump things in order to clear commercial parking lots before customers arrive.

Kempin says for some commercial outlets, customers start arriving as early as 6 a.m.

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Merritt's Sunrise Rotary Club is already planning for the 14th annual Mini Golf Extravaganza after another tremendous success at the 13th annual on the weekend.

Das Kandola, one of the organizers of this year's event, says there were close to sixty teams as opposed to the expected 70, but revenues did not go down and close to $25,000 was raised.

Kandola says people should mark the last Saturday in February next year on their calendars for the 14th annual Rotary Mini Golf Extravaganza, one of the main fund raisers of the year in support of local charities.

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