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The Coquihalla Highway was closed again yesterday for a few hours after a semi flipped over during the noon hour and a number of other vehicles lost control in extremely slippery conditions yesterday.

Even a police cruiser heading to the original accident ended up in the ditch and needed a tow, leaving the cruiser and the officer no worse for wear.

There were a couple minor injuries as a result of the rash of accidents.

The accidents were in the area of Larson Hill and the old Toll Booth south of Merritt.

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The Thompson-Nicola Regional District has compiled results of a survey sent out to property owners in Aspen Grove, Douglas Lake, Quilchena, Harmon Estates Road and Nicola Ranch contributing to television rebroadcasting services.

Results indicate 66 of the 173 properties in the service area responded.

11% are in favour of continuing the service, 76% are in favour of discontinuing the service which has provided funding for rebroadcasting in the Hamilton Mountain area since 1990, enabling residents to watch CFJC TV and Global TV without paying to use satellite or internet service.

The Hamilton Mountain Television Society approached the T-N-R-D asking that the service be discontinued due to low usage.

The T-N-R-D is now in the process of examining the options regarding the future of the service.

Meanwhile, residents of Spences Bridge have a public meeting tomorrow night at 7 o'clock at the old school to discuss results of a similar survey.

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The Chairman of the Board of Trustees in School District 58, Nicola-Similkameen, is critical of the way the Fraser Institute grades students with their annual report card released yesterday.

Gordon Comeau says the motivation of the Fraser Institute is something more than for just educational purposes.

He says they look at things more on the economic side and don't take into account socio-economic status and what may affect a particular school.

Comeau says the District puts more credence in their own testing processes and their teachers and staff.

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The massive craters causing damage to vehicles on the Coquihalla have now been fixed if you're heading south on the highway.

But Ministry of Transportation regional director Norm Parkes says they weren't fixed before some serious damage was done to vehicles around the old toll plaza on the weekend.

Parkes says they routinely check the roads and increased their patrols during the last warming trend to keep an eye out for potholes.

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It's a perennial problem at this time of the year... potholes on some of the City's well traveled streets.

Bylaw Enforcement Officer Marguerite Kempin says not much can be done effectively until Spring.

Kempin says while hitting the potholes can be damaging to vehicles the best advice until the weather breaks is to slow down.

Kempin adds that most auto insurance programs cover damage that may be caused as a result of hitting  potholes.

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