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Upwards of 200 delegates are in Merritt today for the start of the three day Southern Interior Local Governments Assocation A-G-M and convention.

Merritt City Councillor Mike Goetz says there are a number of resolutions on the agenda.

Goetz says there are a number of guest speakers and events today, tomorrow and Friday at the Merritt Civic Centre.

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75 more firefighters are training in Merritt again this week in preparation for the upcoming wildfire season.

Fire Information Officer Michaela Swan at the Kamloops Fire Centre says the boot camp-style training starts today.

The 75 trainees in the first boot camp concluded their training with a prescribed burn yesterday in the Coutlee Plateau area to the south of Merritt.

Nearly 14-hundred people submitted applications to fight wildfires this season.

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Two teenaged girls reported missing from their Merritt homes last week have been located.

Constable Tracy Dunsmore of the Merritt R-C-M-P says 16 year old Suzanne Adams and 14 year old Jessica Charlie have been missing since last Wednesday but were found safely in Lytton yesterday.

Constable Dunsmore says the girls are both fine and are said to have been runaways.

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The Fraser-Nicola N-D-P M-L-A says his mood after yesterday's federal election is bitter sweet.

Harry Lali says it was definitely a breakthrough for the National N-D-P but bitter in the sense that the Conservatives formed a majority government.

Lali says he feels the next four years are going to be tough.

He likened the Federal Conservatives to the B-C Liberals under Gordon Campbell, calling them both dictatorial governments.

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Four people are in R-C-M-P custody in Merritt after allegedly forcing their way into a home on the Douglas Lake Reserve and assaulted the male and female occupants.

Police received the call late Sunday night and made the arrest a short time later in a nearby residence.

All the parties are known to each other.

The male occupant was beaten unconscious and taken to the Nicola Valley Health Centre for his injuries.

The female occupant received a number of blows to the head causing minor injuries.

The four suspects, three men and a woman, were arrested and taken into custody.

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