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Moving 19 vintage trucks and a host of other truck parts and accessories to Merritt has hit a bit of a bump on the road from the Lower Mainland.

Community Futures Nicola Valley Economic Development Officer Deanne Parise-Brigden says a meeting on the move had to be cancelled

Parise-Brigden remains confident the move is going to be made from Port Coquitlam to Merritt in the near future.  She says it would be a welcome addition to the community, given the city's strategic location at the junction of a number of major highways.

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With a Fall Municipal Election approaching, the rumours are beginning to surface about who might be tossing a hat in the ring.

Former City Councillor Norm Brigden says there are rumours he may seek the Mayor's chair, but they simply aren't true.

Brigden adds that he's not looking to run for Council either, saying he has a responsibility to his employer and doesn't feel he'd have the time for it.

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The B-C Hockey League has set an all-time mark for post-secondary commitments in one season and it was a Merritt Centennials player who pushed the amount over the top.

Captain Steve Tresierra's commitment to Queen's University for 2011-12 brings the total number of players committed to 113, one more than each of the last two seasons.

Tresierra, who's been with the Cents since January 2009, finishes his B-C-H-L career with 85 points in 206 games.

He joins last year's captain Jordan Soquila, who just finished his first season with the Golden Gaels.

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A request from the Merritt Soup Bowl for a thousand dollar annual contribution from the City was considered by Merritt City Council this week, but ultimately denied.

City Councillor Harry Kroeker says proper procedure for such requests is to apply for funds annually as City budgets are being prepared.

Council acknowledged that the Soup Bowl is a good service but they weren't prepared to make it a line item.

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Fraser-Nicola N-D-P M-L-A Harry Lali is not impressed by changes to the HST announced yesterday.

Lali says everything about the HST and the way the tax was brought in has left a bitter taste in the mouths of most British Columbians.

Lali points out that the announced 2 percent reduction in the HST won't take place until 2014 and it's nothing but an attempt to get people to vote in the upcoming refferendum.

The first one percent reduction in the HST takes effect on July 1st of next year.

(With files from CIGV)

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