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Merritt's fire chief says crews have been preparing for a rise in the level of the Nicola River as the Nicola Dam releases more water today.

Dave Tomkinson says crews are readying for potential flooding, but, don't expect anything too serious.

Tomkinson says he will continue to keep in close contact with the River Forecast Centre once the water is released.

He adds they have prepared for this scenario in the past and emergency crews and the public are all well prepared.

(With files from CHNL)

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B-C's Ministry of Forests, Lands and Resource operations will do a controlled release of water from Nicola Lake today.

Spokesman Craig Bisson says it's a control measure with lake levels expected to rise at least 15-centimetres in the next day or so because of snow melt and the rainfall over the past few days.

Even so, residents in low lying areas along Nicola Lake and in Merritt are being urged to take precautions to minimize any potential damage.

(With files from CHNL)

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For the second time in three years, the Mountain Trials Rally in Merritt June 10th and 11th has been cancelled.

After being cancelled in 2009 because of extreme forest fire danger, this year's race is being shut down because the spring melt is late and higher elevation stages are still covered in snow.

The Pacific Forest Rally in October is expected to proceed as scheduled.

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The City of Merritt continues to support the Teamsters in their consideration of Merritt as the new home for the B-C Truck Museum.

Merritt Mayor Susan Roline says since the museum left the provincial umbrella it has not operated full time.

Roline says there would have to be funds to operate the museum in Merritt full time.

She says a few sites have been looked at for the museum.

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A 106 year tradition at Merritt's longest continuously run newspaper is coming to an end this week.

Merritt Herald Publisher Atelka Gillsespie says the paper will now be published on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Gillespie says the biggest change is that the Merritt Herald is no longer subscription based, but, a free newspaper on both days.

The Tuesday paper will be available a local news stands.

The Thursday paper, with a circulation of 6,330, will be delivered door to door in Merritt, Douglas Lake, Lower Nicola and Logan Lake.

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