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Special weather statement in effect for:

  • Coquihalla Highway - Hope to Merritt
  • Coquihalla Highway - Merritt to Kamloops
  • Okanagan Connector - Merritt to Kelowna

Risk of freezing rain tonight and Saturday morning

An approaching frontal system will track across the southern BC interior tonight and Saturday.

Flurries are expected tonight and Saturday morning. The warm air aloft combined with near or below zero temperatures at the surface will result in a risk of freezing rain. The flurries with the risk of freezing rain will change to rain showers Saturday afternoon as temperatures rise above zero.

Surfaces such as highways, roads, walkways and parking lots may become icy and slippery. Take extra caution when walking or driving in affected areas.

Weather in the mountains can change suddenly resulting in hazardous driving conditions.


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bc news

In a week where a local student was robbed on their way to school, the BC Government is looking at increasing safety in school across the Province.

A new collaborative and comprehensive resource for use by schools and police is intended to ensure consistent practices are followed provincewide and will help to proactively identify risk, guide interventions and provide supports for students when they need them most.

"Student safety is our number one priority, and by working together with our education, law enforcement, and community partners, we are taking important action today to support young people earlier before they are tempted to go down a pathway of crime and violence," said Rob Fleming, Minister of Education. "Our government continues to be the only province in Canada with a comprehensive provincial strategy for addressing and responding to harmful and threatening behaviour. We want all B.C. students to learn in a safe environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment, intimidation, and violence."

The new guidelines build on the expanded provincial Erase (expect respect and a safe education) strategy, designed to foster school connectedness, address bullying, prevent violence and provide support to school districts during serious incidents. As part of Erase, designated safe school coordinators have been established in every B.C. school district and independent school to prevent and respond to student safety issues, including gang involvement, possession of firearms and acts of violence. Many of these coordinators are part of multi-disciplinary safe school teams that include police partners.

In addition to strengthening school-police partnerships, the provincial school-police guidelines will help promote shared safety procedures, increase information sharing and support the development of local community violence threat risk assessment (VTRA) protocols - a multilevel process of assessing the risk of a threat of violence in a school environment or elsewhere.


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city hall

During this week’s Committee of the Whole, a recommendation was on the table from staff to investigate the possibility of bringing an event coordinator into the fold at City Hall.

It was mentioned that they would focus on projects like the Mayor’s Gala, and airport celebration, which recently received the first vote to become an annual event.

It was noted that the position would only be filled if the City could secure a grant to completely fund the new role.

“I feel applying for a grant to hire is a great idea. We can use an event coordinator to help with the few events we have and to plan future events. More importantly, if it’s not costing the City to hire a staff member, we should peruse the option,” said Coun. Mike Bhangu.

Citizen Ray Robinson spoke against the motion.

“I caution you, if you’re going down this road, let’s not lose the heart of the things we do. If this becomes a job for somebody the passion will not be there,” said Robinson.

The recommendation was passed through a split vote. Councillors Melvina White and Tony Luck opposed.

Due to the motion coming forward at a Committee of the Whole, it will need to return to the table during a regular council meeting.


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Murray United Church

(The Murray United Church as it looked this past year before a fire destroyed the 143-year-old building on Jan. 11 )

On January 11, 2019, the Murray Church was burnt to the ground in an alleged case of arson.

This week the fundraising effort to rebuild the church received a major boost from an anonymous donor. The fundraising team received a $50,000 donation, bringing their total raised to $105,000.

It was estimated that the cost of rebuilding the Murray Church would cost approximately $200,000, so they have officially passed the halfway mark.

Anybody looking to keep track of the fundraising progress will now be able to see board posted on the church grounds, which was also recently donated to the cause.

Due to the age of the Church, they couldn’t have insurance on the building, meaning the rebuild must be fully funded through donations.

The alleged arsonist’s court date has been set for June of 2020.


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rcmp 1

The B.C Prosecution Service has just approved charges in relation to the reported robbery involving an MSS student walking to school Wednesday morning.

Miguel Domingo Albert Mack, 21, and Jesse Patrick Kane, 21, who are both Merritt residents, are each charged with one count of Robbery under Section 344(1)(b) Criminal Code.

The charge is just robbery as the charge of robbery with a firearm was not approved by the Service.

“The reason that we proposed the robbery with a firearm charge was because the firearm was threatened, but it was never actually presented during the robbery,” said Cpl. Brock Hedrick.

The pair will appear in Kamloops Provincial court later today.


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