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Leader John Horgan using the Tolko sawmill closure in Merritt as a case for voters in Fraser-Nicola to vote BC NDP again.

He told those in attendance out front of the closed mill this afternoon the closure never would have happened under an NDP government.

"There is a range of tools available to the provincial government. We can make sure we step in when a community is in distress, and have someone there to ensure what the cost consequences are. Is it a fibre question? Can we get more fibre to the mill? Are those the issues? I don't believe any of those discussions took place. Tolko closed the mill, and left 200 families out of work."

Horgan also reaffirmed his support again for Fraser-Nicola candidate Harry Lali, who despite not endorsing after losing in 2013 by 614 votes, is looking to win the riding for the fifth time.

"I was excited to have a competitive nomination race in Fraser-Nicola. That speaks to the way we do business. If you want to run to be a candidate, you're entitled to do that. Harry is our candidate, he's won the riding before, and is going to win it again.

If elected into government, Horgan also confirmed his party will continue with the second phase of the Royal Inland Hospital redevelopment. and called BC Liberal Leader Christy Clark's announcement in Merritt earlier today about putting a levy on thermal coal from the U.S reckless.

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