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2010-11 Merritt Minor Hockey Awards

Junior Girls
Best Goalie     - Emma Ferch
Most Valuable Player - Renee Stockwell
Most Sportsmanlike - Jenna Sigurdsson
Most Improved - Madelein Barnes
Most Dedicated - Courtney Christy

Atom House
Best Goalie     - Roi Joe
Most Valuable Player - Justin Tighe
Most Sportsmanlike - Tyra Gage
Best Defenseman - Kerragan Selman
Most Improved - Mesha Naiker

Pee Wee House Team 1

Best Goalie     - Christian McGowan
Most Valuable Player - Alex Fraser
Most Sportsmanlike - Trai Carmichael
Best Defenseman - Carter Lang
Most Improved - Shadin McClure

Pee Wee House Team 2
Most Valuable Player - Travis Mosley
Most Sportsmanlike - Amrit Samra
Best Defenseman - Jamie McCrae
Most Improved - Charlie Suzuki

Bantam House
Best Goalie - Jake Tourand
Most Valuable Player - Logan Robertson
Most Sportsmanlike - Stephanie Tourand
Best Defenseman - Brad Tourand
Most Improved - Issac Jackson

Midget House
Best Goalie - Amrit Ahuja
Most Valuable Player - Lucas Parker and J.R. Stirling
Most Sportsmanlike - Billy Gossoo
Best Defenseman - Terrell Balan
Most Improved - Devan Van Unen

Atom Development
Team Ambassador - Travis Simon
Most Valuable Player - Josh Van Unen
Most Improved - Andy Gush

Peewee Rep
Team Ambassador - Sam Suzuki
Most Valuable Player - Rylan Van Unen
Most Improved - Sahil Bansi

Bantam Rep
Team Ambassador - Zachary Sanderson
Most Valuable Player - Brody Tod
Most Improved - Mathew Fitcher

Midget Rep
Team Ambassador - Mike DeSimone
Most Valuable Player - Justin Sulz
Most Improved - Dalton Suzuki

Other Awards:
Senior Referee - Ian Webster
Junior Referee - Warren Stirling
Timekeeper Award - Ashlee Tom
Coach of the Year - Ray Lang
Trevor Schmidt Memorial For Rookie Coach of the Year - Kevin Gayfer
Outstanding Achievement Award - Shelley Tomkinson
President's Honour Roll - Tami DeSimone
Ron Ross Memorial - Ian Webster
Suki Randhawa Memorial Award - Eric Schimdt
Grebliunas Memorial Award - Mike DeSimone

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