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Country Christmas

After a brief COVID-19 hiatus, the ‘Week That Was’ returns highlighting some of the most interesting news stories of the week.

COVID-19 related stories will be mostly excluded from these articles (for the latest COVID-19 stats click here).

This week Merritt was talking about new COVID-19 restrictions implemented, relief cheques for British Columbians, Christopherson’s challenge, and the Theatre Society.

New COVID-19 Restrictions Imposed

Dr. Bonnie Henry and public health officials in BC have released several new public health orders.

Two weeks ago, Dr. Henry announced public health orders within the Fraser and Vancouver Coast regions, today those orders have been extended by two weeks, until midnight on December 7th, and will apply to the entire province.

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Horgan’s COVID-19 Relief Cheques Expected Around Christmas

A key promise of the BC NDP’s election platform was a COVID-19 relief benefit payment to all families and individuals across the province.

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Christopherson’s Country Christmas Challenge to Merrittonians

In any year other than 2020, the final week of November holds a special role in Merritt, it’s Country Christmas Week. Sadly, due to COVID-19, the committee behind the holiday event was forced to cancel the celebration earlier this year.

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Theatre Society Seeking Partnership with City

For the past decade the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society has been working towards the single end goal of having a community theatre built in the City of Merritt.

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