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A key promise of the BC NDP’s election platform was a COVID-19 relief benefit payment to all families and individuals across the province.

The campaign promise was that every family in BC meeting the income requirements would receive $1,000, while individuals would get $500.

Yesterday Premier John Horgan addressed when British Columbians could be seeing those cheques arrive.

“We’re pretty confident that should we get through the legislative session quickly, in a week or so. We’ll be able to get those deposits done shortly thereafter,” began Horgan. “We’re targeting Christmas of course. But I think at this extortionary time I think British Columbians will just be happy to have access to the funds, whether it comes on December 24, or the 5 of January.”

Horgan also stated that due to previous relief packages and tax information held by the Province, the cheques will be mostly distributed through direct deposit and British Columbians do not have to sign up for the benefit at this time.


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