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Nicola Valley Theatre

For the past decade the Nicola Valley Community Theatre Society has been working towards the single end goal of having a community theatre built in the City of Merritt.

To date, the Society has raised over 1-million dollars and purchased a piece of property at the Railyard Mall. Currently, the society is working to apply for grant funding to help complete the project.

Yesterday, the Society made a presentation to City Council regarding a possible partnership.

“We must continue to push the project, and we may need some help from the City of Merritt, but we don’t know exactly what that help is at this point. We would like permission from Mayor and Council to meet with your staff and develop a set of ideas to bring back to Council,” said Rich Hodson.

The motion was passed 6-0, Councillor Kurt Christopherson who Chairs the theatre society declared a conflict and was not present for the vote or debate.

It was noted that the Society is not looking for funding from the City, but the partnership would likely focus on the City's expertise around the future tendering of the project.


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