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This week, Shirley Reynolds made a presentation to the City Council regarding her concerns about theft and illegal dumping in the North Bench area of the City.

“My proposal is to have a locking gate installed adjacent to the forest at the very top of Pine Ridge Drive, where it becomes a cul-de-sac,” said Reynolds. “A large locked gate may prevent large groups from accessing the area.”

Reynold recounted some recent thefts from the neighbourhood and also addressed the dumping that’s seen above the Bench.

“It would be great to have some access roads blocked off, my only concern is that there are so many access points that it would be almost physically impossible to block that area off,” said Coun. Kurt Christopherson. “That one of the reasons I’ve been very much in favour of looking at development up there and preserving the trails.”

City Staff did note that because the gate would have to be placed on Crown Land that the process is a little bit more complicated but still possible.

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