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A notice of motion from Councillor Tony Luck was withdrawn this week, following a decision to hold a committee of the whole meeting.

Luck was proposing that ‘Council direct staff to conduct a long-term water assessment report including source, quantity, quality, infrastructure, and conservation measures.’

The idea of a Committee of the Whole was raised due to possible redundancy in the report.

CAO Sean Smith said that City Hall has multiple reports and thousand of pages of documents on the water situation in the Nicola Valley already.

“I think that bringing everyone up to speed on the last 18-years of water studies is a great idea,” said Smith.

Smith also addressed the fact that the amount of water is not an issue for the City.

“The water is there. We have shallow aquifers, we have deep aquifers, there are problems with both of them. The shallow aquifer directly pulls from the Coldwater River, where the deep aquifer has a really high manganese content which means as it stands right now untreated, we are not able to draw from Kengard Well,” added Smith.

City Hall is exploring a grant opportunity to help improve the Kengard Well, totaling more than $7 million.

No date has been set for the meeting yet.


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