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Zoning on Nicola

Following a public hearing where several residents from Mamette Avenue voiced their objection to the project, Merritt City Council approved a commercial and mixed-use development at 2201-2237 Nicola Avenue.

“The proposed rezoning would enable the development of a commercial building at the corner of Nicola Avenue and Charters Street and a potential mixed-use building at 2237 Nicola Avenue at a future date,” stated Planning Manager Don MacArthur.

The concerns raised by the residents during the public hearing related to the use of the back alley, parking availability, and the potential height of the mixed-use building.

While the zone (C6 or City Centre) allows for buildings up to six stories, the Council was happy with a statement from the developer about keeping the building smaller than that. It should be noted however that the mixed-use building will be part of a later development with the commercial property coming first and housing a new fitness centre.

“If we don’t grow how can we demand more local health services? How can we keep the local businesses and attract more? How can we stop the export of services to larger centres? We have to grow, and the Nicola Avenue corridor is the logical extension to the downtown commercial establishment,” said Councillor Kurt Christopherson.

The third reading of the zoning amendment was approved in a 6-1 vote, Adam Etchart was in opposition.

The project must now receive approval from the Ministry of Transport before final adoption from Council.


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