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Yellowhead Road and Bridge (YRB) is the contractor that looks after the area highways including the Coquihalla. With the first snowstorm already behind us, YRB has announced that they are preparing for the likelihood of a long and harsh winter.

A general outlook regarding the 2020-2021 winter season is a La Nina temperature cycle. This typically correlates to above average amounts of precipitation in the winter (for BC), especially for the SW portion of the Province, and slightly below average to near average temperatures. Likely to see more frequent large snow events through the season due to the above-average precipitation and below-average temperatures and it's very possible that we will see some late-season snow events (April-May) so this has the potential to be a long season ahead. 

To help handle a potentially long winter, YRB has acquired some new equipment to supplement its fleet.

This season YRB will have an additional 4 pieces of heavy equipment over last year's levels. Our fleet consists of 114 pieces of heavy equipment:

·        54 Plow Trucks (two more than last year)

·        5 Tow Plows (2 more than last year)

·        4 Snow Blowers

·        6 Graders

·        25 Loaders

In total YRB is responsible for 1,400 kilometres of road and 750 kilometres of highway in the region.


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