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With Trans Mountain planning on running a worksite in the Merritt area beginning in the Spring of 2021, new infrastructure is needed to support them.

“Trans Mountain anticipates that to service this number of workers, it will require ~75 cubic metres (m3 ) per day of potable water, with the same amount sanitary wastewater to be disposed of each day. Trans Mountain has approached the City regarding its potential to service these demands and the costs for doing so,” wrote CAO Sean Smith.

Both the water and sanitary increase can be delivered by the City, however, Smith added that if drought were to strike the City next Summer, Trans Mountain would be asked to use services in Kamloops.

“While we have more than sufficient capacity to be able to provide potable water and sewage disposal services, our existing infrastructure makes doing so onerous and labour intensive,” added Smith.

For those reasons, Trans Mountain has expressed interest in building the infrastructure at no cost to the City, and then paying the City for use of the site.

“The City stands to generate significant revenue from the provision of these services to Trans Mountain over the course of the camp duration and would incur no capital costs to have these projects engineered and constructed. From discussions with local contractors who currently travel to Kamloops for these services, we understand that even after Trans Mountain is completed, the combined revenue from these sites could be ~$200,000 - $300,000 per year,” concluded Smith.

Merritt City Council voted 7-0 in favour of directing staff to amend the financial plan to include the new site, dependent on an agreement with Trans Mountain to cover all costs.


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