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On Tuesday, Merritt City Council held a special meeting of council to vote on a pair of potential grant applications and to debate supporting a third by an outside organization.

The first motion was to approve a grant application through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program for the ‘West Merritt Active Transportation Trail’.

Following both Councillor Travis Fehr, and Kurt Christopherson excusing themselves for possible conflicts of interest the motion was approved 4-1, with Melvina White in opposition.

Coun. White felt that the City’s application may affect a similar application being submitted by the Theatre Society. City Staff could not say for a fact whether the two applications would compete and limit the chances of only one passing.

Should the City be approved for the grant, over $600,000 will need to come from the City’s coffers to support the project. It was mentioned however that the City could possibly recoup some, or all, of the money by selling off parcels of land for future residential development.

Council did also approve writing a new letter of support to the Theatre Society in support of their application to the grant stream.

Also, approved by Council was a grant application to a different stream under the same banner to support the Kengard Well Upgrade project.

While the project is still in very early days, a new well could cost upwards of 6-8 million dollars, however, the City is hoping upgrading the current well will be an option. If the current well can be upgraded the costs drop significantly.


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