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A special meeting of Merritt City Council will be held this evening at 5:30 pm, and the agenda is short. There is only one item on the docket, applying for a grant through the Investing in Canada Infrastructure program.

The City of Merritt is working on three applications through different streams of the program.

The City is currently in the process of finalizing its Active Transportation Plan. An important focus during the planning process was ensuring connections to parks, schools, and community destinations and creating more loops for exercise and recreation. 

This proposed project includes the installation of active transportation facilities (multi-use pathway and on-street protected bicycle lanes). Additionally, the project includes installing new recreational facilities along the route, including outdoor exercise equipment, a community garden, a futsal court, and a public washroom.

Above is the description provided by the City for the largest project relating to the active transportation plan. Further details can be read on the City’s website.

The other two projects are the Voght Street Improvement project phase 2, and the Kengard Well upgrade.

Overall, the City’s share of the project equals $914,033 if approved.

Q101 will provide further details into the grant requests on Wednesday morning following the meeting.


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