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Wildfire service

The wildfire season north of the border has been relatively calm, especially in comparison to the western United States.

Currently, in the Kamloops Fire Centre, which includes Merritt and the surrounding area, there is only one fire burning ‘out of control’. The other seven fires in the region are all being held by wildfire personnel.

With wildfires however devastating the western seaboard of the US, BC firefighters are answering the call.

More than 200 B.C. firefighters and related personnel are heading to the U.S. to help battle extreme fire activity in Oregon.

"Over 800 BC Wildfire Service personnel volunteered to go into someone else's community and to someone else's fire to do what they can to make sure people are safe," said Premier John Horgan. "That is just extraordinary, and it speaks volumes about our compassion and our commitment to helping each other. I'm very proud of those individuals."

The firefighters are being deployed to Redmond, Ore. and will be deployed as needed to assist with the dire wildfire situation. British Columbia is also in direct contact with Oregon and Washington about the potential to send an additional 200 personnel in the coming days and weeks.


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