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Councillor Mike Bhangu

Arguments and debates were at an all-time high yesterday evening at City Council.

The long evening began with a spirited and potentially long-winded discussion over the list of proposed murals on the City’s to-do list.

But before that debate could begin, Councillor Mike Bhangu made a splash, which seemed to set to tone for the evening, by pulling his own motion for a culture and diversity mural.

“The motion to create a multi-cultural mural was proposed by myself to symbolize our desire for change and to acknowledge the progress the different cultures of the Nicola Valley have made,” began Bhangu.

“I don’t appreciate the politics played around this mural or what I believe are attempts to kill it. The different excuses given have been that artists are not capable of creating a mural such as this, that there is no money, and that the words cultural attire doesn’t jive. For this reason, I withdraw the motion,” stated Bhangu.

Bhangu continued to mention how he will now work to complete the project on his own, using the additional salary he’s set to receive this year thanks to the council raise approved last year.

“This art piece will not be a mural. Recalling this motion is a blessing in disguise as it gives an opportunity to think outside the box,” added Bhangu.

In July, City Council approved the motion by Bhangu to create the mural, however at the next council meeting, Mayor Linda Brown moved a reconsideration motion which was passed to receive further information.


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