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The entire Fraser-Nicola riding association executive has resigned following the appointment of Aaron Sumexheltza as the local candidate.

Dennis Adamson was the VP of the riding association and joined Q101 to discuss why the resignations were tendered.

“We all joined the NDP because it was a democratic organization and with Craig Keating and Raj Sihota at the top positions they have just dictated how things go in our riding. Last time they interfered with the nomination for Harry Lali because they were pushing Aaron at that time,” said Adamson.

“He (Aaron) wasn’t our candidate, we never wanted him. We don’t feel like he portrays the true NDP spirit and we’re just being bullied on by Craig Keating and Raj Sihota who think they know our riding better than we do,” added Adamson.

Sumexheltza also spoke with Q101 and when asked about the resignations, spoke to bringing the party together.

“Since I was acclaimed at the candidate last Thursday, I’ve actually been very overwhelmed by the support that I’ve received from people excited about my candidacy. I’m really excited to be running and moving forward I’m going to continue building a strong team for whenever the election is called, and when it is, we will be ready,” said Sumexheltza.

“I intend to look and focus on the issues that are important to the people of Fraser-Nicola because that’s what I believe the people want,” concluded Sumexheltza.


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