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Wildfire Camp

Every month the BC Wildfire Service provides a summary of the fire season thus far and looks ahead.

“The 2020 B.C. wildfire season has been wetter than normal with a limited amount of drying days with the exception being the second half of July. Southern B.C. had several warm and dry days which allowed smaller fuels to dry out. The result was several lightning-caused ignitions where steep slopes and smaller fuels drove the spread of these fires. Suppression activities were successful as larger fuels had not yet had a chance to fully dry,” reads the report.

So far this year across BC there have been 369 wildfires, far less than the 624 recorded last year at this time. The 369 blazes have charred 847 hectares.

The Kamloops Fire Centre has seen 119 fires burning a total of 221 hectares. Last year throughout the entire fire season there were 206 wildfires in our region which burned 4,320 hectares.

“Current fire weather and available fuel indices are about three weeks behind normal August conditions, which supports the slower fire season we are currently experiencing. Weather models are forecasting cooler temperatures and possibly a continuing wet pattern for August,” continued the report.

No region in the province is currently predicted to have above-normal fire conditions.


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