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Last year the City of Merritt became a potential destination for foreign entrepreneurs through the BC PNP program.

As of July 16, the City of Merritt has received 274 inquiries from foreign entrepreneurs looking to open a business in Merritt since the program opened on March 14, 2019.

The City of Merritt, along with community partners, has hosted 20 community exploratory visits.

Will George also stated that 18 foreign entrepreneurs have submitted the required documents and have their exploratory trips to Merritt planned once COVID-19 allows for international travel.

It was expected that the first foreign entrepreneur approved through the PNP program would arrive this month, but that timeline has now been pushed back.

“It has been moved back to September, they just needed to sort a couple of more things out,” said George.

George also confirmed the quarantine protocol.

“He will be staying in Vancouver for two weeks of self quarantine, so once he arrives in Merritt, he will already have been in the Country for two weeks and quarantined,” added George.

The exact business has not been specified by City Staff, however, it has been mentioned that it will be in the downtown core and is listed under the miscellaneous retail subsection.


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