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Merritt Flourish Under the Sun 

The City of Merritt is in the midst of an extensive review and update of the Official Community Plan.

“The Official Community Plan is the overall City document which will help guide our community forward,” said Mayor Linda Brown. “During the 2018 election, I, and Council members, ran on a platform of Growth and Sustainability. This Plan will assist us to meet that goal for the community.” 

Mayor Brown added “This is an opportunity for community members to share with your Council how you would like Merritt to look by 2040. The Official Community Plan is only successful if we have community input into its creation.” 

Recently the contracted team at WSP provided an overview of the project and a timeline for public consultation and completion.

“The current Official Community Plan was adopted by City Council in 2011. Nearing a decade in force, the City has shifted and grown under the direction of this plan. In reviewing and refreshing the Official Community Plan, the project team, in coordination with the City of Merritt, can identify the achievements of the past 9 years, while developing a vision for growth over the next 20. Through this exercise, key themes will be engaged upon and supportive direction provided to the community,” said Bob Evans.

The project is scheduled to be completed by June of 2021, with public consultation beginning later this year in several different ways.

Merrittonians will be able to guide the OCP through online surveys, interviews, and by attending workshops and open house events.

The WSP Team is set to return to City Council in November for an update on the process.


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