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A drug alert has been issued by Interior Health for the Kamloops Region.

A white powder, being sold as cocaine, was tested at an ASK Wellness location and found to contain very high concentrations of fentanyl.

Interior Health is warning of high overdose risk, and that the overdose may not fully respond to naloxone.

The drug alert will be in effect until August 15.

  • Avoid using different drugs at the same time or using drugs and alcohol together
  • Don’t use alone or ask someone to check on you.
  • If you must use while alone, consider using the Lifeguard app which can connect you with 911 emergency responders if you overdose.
  • When using your substance start with a small amount, and then go slow.
  • Use at an Overdose Prevention or Supervised Consumption Site, if one is near you.
  • Know how to respond to an overdose - call 911, give rescue breaths, and naloxone.


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