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Two weeks ago, Merritt City Council approved a motion reading; That the City work with the current economic recovery initiatives and create a culture and diversity mural, highlighting the many cultures of Merritt, in their cultural attire, past, and present.

The motion was originally moved by Coun. Mike Bhangu.

At the start of yesterday's meeting, Mayor Linda Brown moved the reconsideration motion.

“My issue is who do we pick, who do we pick in their cultural attire and what cultural attire are we looking at,” questioned Mayor Brown.

“I’m wondering where this would go, where would the money come from, and will it be hard to agree on what to see on the mural,” added Coun. Adam Etchart. “It seems like a tough thing to get everybody to agree on.”

Other questions surrounding the funding source were also stated by various councillors.

In the end, Councillor Tony Luck moved that the motion be deferred until the end of September with Staff preparing a report to provide further information.

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