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Merritt Flourish Under the Sun

Tonight, Merritt citizens will have their opportunity to raise any potential concerns with a long list of proposed zoning bylaw amendments during a public hearing.

City Staff have been working to overhaul the document and will be presenting some of the headline changes at the meeting.

“By updating this Zoning Bylaw in-house, not only have we been able to save money for our residents, but we have updated policies to welcome new businesses into our community,” said Mayor Linda Brown. “As we update the City of Merritt Zoning Bylaw, this will help eliminate some of the business restrictions and red tape which Council has heard from our local business owners.”

Due to COVID-19 City Staff are asking those who don’t wish to speak to the bylaw to please watch online to limit the number of people in the chambers.

Deputy Corporate Officer Greg Lowis also spoke to the public hearing being held in two parts.

“We’re proposing that Council adjourned the public hearing tonight but then return to it on the evening of August 18,” said Lowis. “The public can speak to the entire bylaw at either one of those occasions.”

The double hearing is required due to proposed changes to the density and use of some parcels.

Tonight’s meeting begins at 7 pm in the Council Chambers in City Hall.


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