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REcord Temperatures

Update - July 31, 2020

No record high for Merritt yesterday as the mercury fell just short of the mark of 38 degrees celsius from 2003.

The hottest point of the day according to environment Canada was the four o clock hour with temperatures hitting 36.6.


A special weather statement from Environment Canada has been in effect all week in the Nicola Valley with temperatures fluctuating around the mid-30s.

Today, the forecast is even higher with highs possibly reaching 38.

Bobby Sekhon, a Meteorologist with Environment Canada, joined Q101 to discuss the possibility of setting a record this afternoon.

“We’re going to get close to record temperatures, however, we’re probably going to be a little bit short,” began Sekhon.

“As we get into Thursday, the record in 38 from 2003. So, we’re going to be pretty close and Thursday is something we’ll be watching,” added Sekhon.

With temperatures approaching record highs its important to remember to stay hydrated and never leave a pet or child in a car.


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